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Review: Productive Web Apps — Search, Compare, Rate Your Favourite Apps

Review: Productive Web Apps — Search, Compare, Rate Your Favourite Apps

It seems like every day there are hundreds of new web apps telling you how to be more productive. With so many choices, how are you ever expected to find one that actually works for you? That is the question Scott Purcell asked himself, spurring the creation of Productivewebapps.com.

He emphasizes this point on the website, saying, “Until now there has been no one place where you could go to search, compare, rate and comment on hundreds of web apps like Productive Web Apps does.” So, the question is, will this make your life easier? Click Here to Read Article …

How to Improve Productivity Despite the Threats

Improve Productivity

As time becomes more and more scarce, learning how to improve productivity and stay on top of your work becomes essential in order to lead a balanced life. As we take on more responsibility at work and in our personal lives, we demand more from ourselves but we don’t seem to link the importance of learning skills that assist us with staying as productive as we need to.

Considering all you have to do and would like to do, how productive are you right now? Do you have the feeling that you can achieve more than you currently do, but you just don’t know how? Sometimes we may feel that we are not being as productive as we can but we are just not sure why.  You may be making the biggest productivity mistakes and you don’t even know it! Click Here to Read Article …

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You Don’t Need a Website

Yes, that’s right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; the title does read “you don’t need a website”. You see, in the present day, it is better not to have a website at all, rather than have a substandard website that misrepresents your business.

So many organisations spend a heap of money on the interior of their business premises or shop floor, yet put up a cheap looking DIY style websites on the Internet. It doesn’t make sense for a business to spend big in-store but spend so little on an online store.

The internet has the potential to provide thousands more visitors than any high street store. So why do people still pull the purse strings tight when it comes to investing in building a shop front within the world’s largest marketplace? Click Here to Read Article …

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Review: MailerLite — Easy & Affordable Email Marketing Service

Getting a new business off the ground on a tight budget can be challenging. To be successful, it is necessary to have an awesome marketing strategy in place. Big businesses can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year marketing products and services. For new companies and small businesses though, this can be difficult.

Challenges can pop up when trying to compete with the big fish. In order to stay competitive, it is necessary to use some of the same tools that the big companies use. However, most small businesses do not employ an entire marketing team to help with this process. In many cases, there is no marketing team at all. Thus, when looking for software to help with the marketing aspect of the business, the easier it is to use, the better. Click Here to Read Article …

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Super Rich List: 20 Entrepreneurs with No Degrees

Who says you need to have doctor’s degrees, business qualifications or higher education to succeed in life to secure a place in the rich list?

If we look at history, several successful entrepreneurs never attended any formal education in their field of businesses — something else had them going on. Some see education as a time to get into debt, whereas many young entrepreneurs see being young and inexperienced as an advantage.

The majority of the richest persons on earth have nothing to their name other than life’s experience and hard work that gained them their riches. Take a look at our interesting list of entrepreneurs, investors, inventors and many more sectors to name a few. Click Here to Read Article …

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