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Fun Links: Unmotivational Posters, Dilbert, The Oatmeal

There are times when we need to a take a little break to be more productive, but some of us feel guilty straying too far from our work. But sometimes taking a break to check out that latest Garfield cartoon ends up being just the thing that gets us back on track.

Here are some links that you can dive into that will hopefully ease your guilt – thanks to their work “related-ish” subject matter.  They may just put a smile on your face, too. Click Here to Read Article …

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How About a Mental Health Day?

I used to feel guilty taking a day off work to read a book or to play volleyball – but not so much after I had an anxiety attack in an especially stressful day at the office.  I ended up wondering what I was doing to myself…as I lay on my doctor’s examination table (to which I was becoming used to due to stress).

Soon after that, I changed departments and worked with a boss who allowed flexible schedules.  However, this and five sick days weren’t enough to keep other employees’ and my stress levels at bay so whenever I felt stress reaching a certain level I’d take a sick day – I called them “sick-of-my-job” days. Click Here to Read Article …

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Do You Use a Virtual Assistant?

Recently, we suggested outsourcing chores to add time to our 24/7 work schedule.  Doing a little research I came across the blog about the book The 4-Hour Workweek, which we recently reviewed, and an account by AJ Jacobs, editor-at-large at Esquire magazine, about his experience outsourcing his chores.  He started by assigning a little research to his virtual assistant (VA) and in the end he was even outsourcing his worries!  From his account they definitely seem like a good idea.

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Why I Stick to Pen and Paper for Goals and Tasks

Technology is great…but I sure do like pen and paper – as I mentioned to one of our readers who asked me what I use to keep track of things.  For one thing, I remember things better when I write them down by hand; it’s as if my hand keeps memories of each of its motions and my mind is better able to recall these motions later as the words sink deeper in my brain.  I must think of each item I write down before setting my pen to paper and so I make better decisions using this increasingly old-fashioned way.  On a computer screen everything can be erased, so my brain doesn’t retain the words the same way – it’s all temporary and it all sits in shallower spots in my mind. Click Here to Read Article …

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Have you Digitalized Your Photo Albums?

Photo albums still line shelves in some living rooms and the feeling of going from page to page gives viewers a feeling of excitement when, not knowing what comes next, they find a photo from 1975 when they were just a baby – or just had had a baby.

On the other hand, those albums do require maintenance – cleaning and implementation of other anti-mold techniquest – and take up lots of space.  Digitally scanning all the photos can take ages but you’ll be able to share the photos with all friends and family with an email address.

So what do you do in this case?

Do you sacrifice a few weekends in exchange for more space and less dust?  Sure, it’ll take some time to get done – but it’ll be time well spent in exchange for preserving these memories on a digital medium.

Do you just leave it alone?  You’ve got far more important things to do than to spend time scanning photos that are already well-preserved and not doing any harm as-is.

Which way would you go on this? Let us know in the comments. Click Here to Read Article …

Project Management Software Review: 5pm

My boyfriend’s company recently switched project management tools and my boyfriend was so happy with the new program, 5pm, that he told me all about it (yeah, we’re geeks).  I quickly became very curious about the seemingly great features and so I signed up for 5pm’s 14-day free trial. Click Here to Read Article …

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What’s Your #1 Question About Increasing Productivity?

When I worked in an office several of my co-workers asked me how I managed to keep my desk organized and clean at all times, how I managed to whip together all sorts of travel plans without a headache, and even whether I actually got any work done with my flexible work schedule (my time of arrival was 10-ish and I even did my grocery shopping during the workday).

As a WorkAwesome writer, I try to write about what I think is useful to my awesomely dedicated readers based on experience – and on whatever I come across in my daily life.  I’m no productivity oracle but I want to help answer reader questions about increasing productivity.  You can always email me with your questions, but for now . . .

If you rubbed your monitor and I floated out in a poof of smoke as your little productivity genie, what 1 question would you ask me? Click Here to Read Article …

The Practical Guide to Doing Laundry

Laundry: the weekly time-consuming chore that ties you up for some hours.  If you’re one of us poor folks who can’t afford help, you’re likely to dread doing laundry, especially if you have to go to a laundromat.  I’ve picked up some best practices on how to do laundry that I share here to help save you some time and energy while preserving your garments.

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