How to Make Your Memos More Memorable

Do you want to your writing to be more memorable?

Forget about crafting beautiful prose. Trim your memos, presentations and e-mails with bullet points.

Benefits of bullets

  • Take less time to read
  • Allows readers to scan a page
  • Makes it easier to dig deeper into important points
  • Information is easier to remember
  • Quicker to write

Tips for using bullets

  • One idea per line
  • Keep language neutral
    • Just the facts
    • Less exaggeration
    • Refrain from boasting
  • Write as few words as possible
    • Short words
    • Simple words

Use numbers instead of bullets when…

  1. Listing items in hierarchical order
  2. Listing items ranked in order of importance

Of course not everything can be a bullet point. You need to write some parts in long form to keep from sounding too abrupt.

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