QuietWrite: A Distraction-Free Web-Based Writing Tool

Someone said that writing on the web successfully is 5% talent and 95% not getting distracted. I would probably change that 95% to 97% because being a web writer for almost 3 years now, I know how true that statement is. Why do you think distraction-free writing tools are so popular?

QuietWrite is one such web-based writing tool that I recently discovered which sports a clean, clutter-free interface to get some writing done. Just start writing without worrying about anything. Everything gets saved automatically — including the document revisions.

If you sign up with the service, you get features like the ability to publish and share what you’ve written. Also, you can change fonts, colors and other settings to write the way you are used to. Try it out and let us know if it works for you — or if you’ve got another writing tool you just can’t live without.


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  1. angelee on the 4th February

    Actually, I just use the Word with it’s thesaurus open. But I think I’ll try QuietWrite…

  2. Vratnica on the 5th February

    Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll check it out QW.

  3. .tif on the 21st February

    If you’re on a Mac, OmmWriter is actually a very nice app. The free version is nice and the paid version has a few more options. Very simple modification of a text editor that has relaxing background music and hides everything else open on your desktop and just lets you write without distraction.

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