Giveaway: Bring Your Resume to Life with $109 Resume Design Vouchers

Hello there!

Tired of your dull, boring MS Word resume? Is the B&W colour sucking the soul out of the most important document of your whole career?

Lucky for you, it’s giveaway time at WorkAwesome!

Loft Resumes, a creative resume design service, is throwing a cool giveaway. Three (3) of you will each get a free resume makeover. Catch the attention of busy employers with awesome professional designs at Loft Resumes, who recently got featured in the Fast Company Design. How good is that?

The Giveaway

We’ll be giving away vouchers for 3 free resumes. Each is valued at $109 – enough for a 2-page resume design of your choice. Choose from a range of designs: structured and tidy, classy, bold and more – you decide! Use the voucher to shop for your favorite design, upload the content of your resume, and in 3 business day’s, the graphic artists at Loft Resumes will send you back a beautiful custom-typset PDF of your new resume.


Starts 19 March, 2012. Ends April 02, 2012.


Winning is easy:

  • Leave a comment telling us which design tickles your fancy the most and why. Just one design. All designs can be found at their home page. The best entries win.

Terms & Conditions

  • This giveaway is not open to employees at, or Loft Resumes.
  • You may only enter once. Anyone submitting more than once will be disqualified.
  • Make sure you enter a valid email address.
  • You must be of legal age in the jurisdiction that you reside to enter.
  • Your details will be shared with Loft Resumes’ team at the end of contest.
  • Each person wins $109 worth of resume design.
  • Response required within 7 days of first notice of a win. If we don’t hear from you, the prize will go to the next deserving entry.

Don’t wait too long. Enter the giveaway and get your resume designed for free! Last day of entering is April 02, 2012.

Update (April 04)

It’s time! The winners are announced.

Congratulations to. . .

1. Ammon (March 29)

2. Colin Lusk (March 28)

3. Suzanne Anderson (March 21)

A confirmation email is on your way! Thanks to all who participated.

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  1. Nick on the 19th March

    Cubes is one of my Favorites. And would compliment the focus of my CV.

  2. thinkdj on the 19th March

    Beautiful resumes. I’d stick with Carolina Flight (Blue & Orange) – Perfect layout, placement of blocks, perfect color combination, plus, a placeholder for your photo!

  3. Andy F on the 19th March

    The Geneva. Structured, easy to read, eye catchy important items are bold, great color theme. Will stand out in the pack without being over the top.

    Great company with great design. Best to you!

  4. Tomas on the 19th March

    Wow, there are so many beautiful templates LoftResumes has. Anyhow, I think i would prefer having my CV in The Cubes (Red) template.

  5. Kelly on the 19th March

    It was tough to choose one, but I’d have to go with the Urban Shadow. I work on writing resumes for friends and family, I’m definitely sending them to this site to get a great design!

  6. Mario Awad on the 19th March

    The dialogue mind – it’s simple, readable, and colorful. Love it. Cheers.

  7. ruined on the 19th March

    Lots of good designs to choose from. I’d go with the monochrome version of Stars. It presents all the info in a logical fashion and wouldn’t be too ‘flashy’ for my line of work.

  8. Dave on the 19th March

    This is so cool!!! One of those great ‘why didn’t someone think of this earlier ideas?’ super cool. A great way to have your resume stick out against other resumes.
    I think I like ‘the cubes’ Blue the best…as least for now.
    Thanks for the offer.

  9. Angelika on the 19th March

    I love the simplicity of Urban Shadow, but I also like The Market Square 🙂

  10. Jericho on the 19th March

    The Carolina Flight w/ Grey Template is beautiful.

    Blue and White colors are very pleasing and trusting to the eyes. These are trademark colors for older companies such as Johnson and Johnson and newer companies such as Facebook.

    Also, the simplicity of the template is very warming. We live in a society of constant cluttered information. If you were a Job Interviewer filtering through resumes, would you rather have a cluttered resume filled with detailed facts or a simple resume with a high skim value?

    Less is more. Keep it simple.

  11. Brendan on the 19th March

    LoftResumes have a great selection of resumes. That being said, I would choose The Banquet for my needs. It is classy and not too overpowering. It showcases my resume without too much flash. Very professional.

  12. Quincy on the 19th March

    The Cubes (Blue) template is my choice. It is simple, eye catching and tasteful. Thank you for the offer!

  13. Stevi S. on the 19th March

    The Carolina Flight (the blue & grey) it’s simple, clean and beautiful! I love it!

  14. Fabio on the 19th March

    I really like The Teton Ranch! I think it is pretty unique yet at the same time not that much different from a regular resume. Looks awesome!

  15. Jonathan Chan on the 19th March

    I like the Tinted Pint. The little pictures on the side stand out really well for me.

  16. Richard Garrett on the 19th March

    Please let me echo the compliments for Loft Resumes. I thought the format of my own resume was pretty well designed, but the French Press version in orange speaks my love language! Beautious!!

  17. Khanh Nguyen on the 20th March

    The one I like most is the BANQUET. The color used in the page is in harmony with each other. It makes the resume stand out but not too flashy. The font and ogranization makes it easy to read. The resume’s design also gives out royalty and class which makes it perfect to wow your interviewers.

  18. Ericka on the 20th March

    the MONDAY DRIVE in blue is quite eye-catching. The angular sans-serif font used for titles has a bold characteristic that conveys clear confidence. The use of two-columns makes the resume easier to read than if it was a single column across the entire width of the page. The subtle drop shadow under the “ribbon” and the wrapping of the section titles around the edge of the page make the design feel three dimensional – it breathes some life into the resume. I like the balance of color; the big blocks at the top and bottom anchor the content on the page. The dusty blue is calm and feels solid; the sparing use of yellow adds some “pop” to the page. Also, using the brown color for the main blocks of text makes it easier on the eye than straight black. Bravo.

  19. Jimmy King on the 21st March

    The “Market Square” design is incredibly classy & subtle while still standing out.

  20. Vada Singleton on the 21st March


    I like The Cube design. It is simple and elegant. It is not to busy. I think the design is easy to navigate. I have read that most HR departments do not spend a lot of time looking at resumes and if it is to busy they may not see the substance in the resume.

  21. Chad Trutt on the 21st March

    All of those resumes rock! I really like the Sunday Plan. The layout is easy to follow, clean and well organized.

  22. Suzanne Anderson on the 21st March

    I LOVE the New Yorker, it’s classic, yet eye-catching. My only problem is I can’t decide between the blue or yellow. Both look great!

    I think this resume would be a real advantage for someone of a “certain age” like me.


  23. 123erika on the 21st March

    Urban Shadow is a terrific updated of the standard, for those of us in industries that don’t embrace things like color, new shapes, photos (or anything remotely visually interesting). While I can’t change the healthcare or finance sectors, I CAN stand out with a slick personality among the computer fed resumes. I love it!

  24. Schwann Khaw on the 21st March

    the CUBES really caught my attention because of its neat and methodical structure, making it easy to glance through all the information available from a CV. It also divides allocated space of the different sections of a CV proportionately based on importance (work experience for example is arguably the most important!). The 3d-esque header folds also add an extra element of dimension which makes them stand out.

    Would be great to win a resume design as I’m in my second year of an undergraduate degree and I would love to test it out on prospective employers while applying for internships!

  25. Cheryl Alexander on the 21st March

    I found all of the Loft Resume templates to be fantastic! I really like the Cubes template for my own use. As a human resources professional, I like having “skills” and “areas of expertise” highlighted on the left column. My work is more condusive to highlighting those areas rather than focusing on technology used as some of the other templates. My only suggestion is to move the “about” section at the bottom of the page to the top. This is the someones elevator speech, which should catch the eye earlier.

  26. Kelly Gurnett on the 21st March

    I like the “Carolina Flight” because the style and colors match my blog design, which would be a great way to keep my “brand” consistent. It’s simple and clean, but at the same time fresh and vibrant. I also am definitely drawn towards the resumes with a picture on them as so much of selling yourself online these days is not just selling your talents, but selling YOU. I think this resume would be a fantastic thing to link to my blog’s “hire me” page and to my LinkedIn to really make me stand out from other freelancers. It’s all about the style, baby, and this template definitely has it!

  27. Kristian Gundersen on the 22nd March

    The Carolina Flight design strikes me as perfect for the business job market which I’m taregeting. The grey version matches the colour scheme of my personal landing page and gives professional look that is toned down to fit a corporate environment. I’ve been working on my personal branding lately and getting a polished and professionally designed resume would make a great attention getter for a job seeking business student.
    Great looking resumes all over and a great business idea by Loft 🙂

  28. Chris Hudson on the 22nd March

    Love the True Scout design- it’s very “metro”-esque design – but I gotta admit I’m kinda just taken aback by just how many cool designs there are- I’ve seen a fair few CV’s (both for hiring and of friends/colleagues) and can’t say I’ve seen a single CV that visually impacts half as well as these do- or don’t boil down to very basic templates remastered over and over again- these actually look fresh and practical! Nice work!

  29. Ryan S. on the 22nd March

    I love The Shearling Point (Blue) design. It is unique and creative while still being clean and easy to read. I also like that the contact information is readily available in the left margin.

  30. Amy Lauren Scott on the 22nd March

    I like The Stars design (but all of them are really beautiful). The design is very unique, and I like it can hold a lot of information. I also like the skills section, because I haven’t been in the workforce many years and want to highlight skills as well as work experience (only had two jobs). I love my job, but this would be a neat prize to win because you never know when you may have to look for another.

  31. Scott on the 22nd March

    I think the STARS (blue) is a pretty nice layout. I work in Finance, so the resumes I see as a hiring manager are very much like my own – boring, with Times New Roman font and bullets. This is a way to really stand out in the pile of resumes, and the layout is quite functional in that it allows the reviewer to quickly scan your qualifications, education and skill set. I think it would really help people (including myself) get noticed.

  32. Raebay on the 25th March

    Boy could I use this!!
    I love the French press design. Feminine but not unprofessional. The variety of spaces is just what I need for my jack of all trades work history. I’ll keep my fingers crossed because I sure could use this kind of confidence boost walking in with a dynamic resume shield 🙂

  33. Laine Zalac on the 26th March

    The CUBES Blue is by far my favorite. It looks like a page out of Fortune Magazine – eye catching, easy to understand, and chock full of important information. And who could use it more than the soon-to-be marketing graduate desperately trying to display her sense of self through badly done home resumes and escape the Midwest?! Ahem, that would be me. Looking through the Loft resumes was fun, but the angels came out and a halo dropped down through a haze of clouds when I saw CUBES Blue. What a beautiful creation that I would be honored to present my self-worth on. Keep up the great work!

  34. Jenny on the 27th March

    Love the Carolina Flight design. I like the idea of having your image on a resume and I love how “about” and “educational background is highlighted”.

  35. Joe Sterne on the 28th March

    I really like the dialogue minds one. Very hip looking but still conveys information quickly.

  36. Colin Lusk on the 28th March

    I love the French Press in Red. I was tempted by some of the ones with profile pictures too but unfortunately, looking like a hideous troll, I decided I’d play safe and go for one that relied on the beauty of the design rather than of the candidate!

  37. Jesse on the 28th March

    I like Stars the most – unique, but not too flashy. Love them all!

  38. Steven Xu on the 28th March

    I’d like to have the Urban Shadow (Grey). It is simple and beautiful. Minimalist is the best!

  39. Will on the 29th March

    I feel theCubes design is the best as it lets the person reading it see all of the information the best. With just a few seconds to make an impression, this format gives the reader an easy way to see the information that they consider important. This one will does the best job of getting noticed. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  40. Chelsea on the 29th March

    i absolutely love “the Monday Drive.” it’s perfect for a soon-to-be college grad interested in a teaching job and working with some kiddos. simply can’t get over how fun and “me” this template is!

  41. Ammon on the 29th March

    I’m really ashamed to admit this, but I’ve been using the same résumé template from MS Word for the last 7 or 8 years. I’m really due for an overhaul. . .

    If I could have my pick of the litter, I’d definitely go with the Stars in the black theme. Its absolutely unlike any résumé template I’ve ever seen–and that’s a great thing! I really, really, really, really . . . (three hours later) want to win this one!

  42. Tina on the 29th March

    The French Press (in green) is bold and gorgeous.

  43. Amy H. on the 30th March

    The True Scout it perfect because it would highlight all my skills at the very top of the page. This is a great idea that I hope I’ll be able to try out during my job search.

  44. Sophie on the 31st March

    I have to say the UNDERGROUND. It is very transparent, clear. It highlights every aspect of a CV that needs to be pointed for the employer. I like that you can pick the color for this resume, because you can express yourself for the future boss. It is very well organized on page, the recruiter can see everything that needs to be seen. I absolutely would use it to search a job.

  45. Wendy on the 1st April

    I really love the Danish Seal! I’m long overdue for a resume overhaul, especially since I’m currently seeking a new job. I think the minimalistic design guides the eyes easily, is reflective of my own personal style, and most importantly, is printer friendly. I really appreciate the clean design with thoughtful spacing — the separately colored professional experience box with the drop shadow really sets this resume apart from the others. It highlights the experience, but still outlines the profile/skills/education in the sidebar in a way that doesn’t look cluttered at all.

  46. Vaish on the 1st April

    I love the TRUE’s uncluttered, clearly states ur professional details in depth yet so clear. esp the grouping of things was superb in this. loved the color its bold yet pleasing and neat. Obviously i would go for the TREU SCOUT.

  47. Ram on the 1st April

    I liked the “The Sunday Plan”, cos
    1. you can showcase your pic- which brings a instant comfort feel and an connection- while you send out via email
    2. Elegant design- with blocks to highlight your contact details, work experience etc

  48. Scott Hueston on the 2nd April

    I’m most partial to the BESTOKE (blue & orange), because it seems to allow for more achievements and jobs to be included. This is critical for me because I have a two page resume now. the STARS (black) would be a close second! thanks for considering me!

  49. Ammon on the 4th April

    A huge thanks to everyone at WorkAwesome and Loft Resumes!

    I can’t remember ever being excited about updating my résumé before 😀

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