Giveaway: Win 250 High Quality Business Cards

Hey you, WorkAwesome + UPrinting is throwing a cool giveaway — 3 people will get to win 250 awesome die-cut business cards ($70 value).

Do you want to get creative with your business? Then give these unique business cards a try. For free!

The Giveaway

The rules are simple: Tell us which one of the UPrinting Die Cut Business cards  you would love to have if you won. Link to all awesome cards here. You have several options to choose from: Rounded Corner, Leaf, Rounded Single-Corner, Half-Circle Side and Circle.

The Timeline

Wear your smarty-pants and get going already! Because the giveaway is open only for two weeks. Closes on 30 May.

The Prize

Each of the 3 winners will win the super-hot pack of 250 Die Cut Business Cards from UPrinting!

Terms and Conditions

  • This giveaway is not open to, or UPrinting employees.
  • You may only enter once. Anyone submitting more than once will be disqualified.
  • Make sure you enter a valid email address.
  • You must be of legal age in the jurisdiction that you reside to enter.
  • [Optional] Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Your details will be shared with UPrinting team at the end of contest.
  • Free shipping in the US. Shipping costs apply elsewhere and are to be shouldered by the winners.
  • Response required within 7 days of first notice of a win. If we don’t hear from you, the prize will go to the next deserving entry.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative with your business and comment! Last day of entering is 30 May.

[UPDATE] And the Winners Are . . .

Congratulations Kara, Mayank and Adam Teece! You’ve each won a pack 0f 250 business cards. An email will be sent on your provided addresses by a UPrinting representative. Stay tuned for more contests and thank you all for participating!

Photo credit Uprinting blog.

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  1. mathieu on the 17th May

    the Slim Rounded Corner Business Cards are definitely my favorites. Luuuuv !

    • Dave Dean on the 17th May

      I’d appreciate a set of the slim rounded corner business cards. I like all of the sizes/shapes but like the slim rounded corner format the best.

  2. Viktor on the 17th May

    The UPrinting Die Cut Business cards style I like most is the simple rounded corner one. I hope to be one of the three lucky ones.

  3. Michael on the 17th May

    Love the site, podcast and cards. I would go with the leaf cut – the remind me of being green. Also, our cards are in black and white, well actually shades of gray, so this would add a bit of interest that to offset the (yes intentional!) lack of color.

  4. Tomasz Kowalczyk on the 17th May

    I would be very pleased to get those with rounded corners. It would take advantage of CSS3 standard then, wouldn’t it? 🙂

  5. Annika on the 17th May

    I’ve always been a big fan of rounded corners on a business card, they get way less yucky looking in your wallet!

  6. Mario Awad on the 17th May

    Rounded Corner for me… good luck to all 🙂

  7. Matt S on the 17th May

    Love, want, need the rounded corner cards!!!

  8. Kara on the 17th May

    The 2 x 2 square card is cute.

  9. Diane Baum on the 17th May

    I love the rounded corner cards

  10. Kev on the 17th May

    I’d either pick the slim rounded corner or the half-circle side.

  11. BlaineSch on the 17th May

    The leaf design is rather nice looking, I’d probably pick that one. Makes your cards unique and memorable.

  12. Jodi Kozloff on the 17th May

    Loving the -Square Rounded Corner Business Card 2 x 2-..very sharp-different

  13. Brice Guyer on the 17th May

    I would love the round one :}

  14. Haley on the 17th May

    I absolutely LOVE the unique, clean design of the circle cut cards. That would definitely be my pick!


  15. MarKooL on the 17th May

    The one with the rounded corners 😛

  16. Cathy Reisenwitz on the 17th May

    I’d pick the rounded corners, standard size glossy finish. Very nice.

  17. Douglas on the 17th May

    I’d love the circle ones. They truly pack a punch. So neat!

  18. Johan R. on the 17th May

    Rounded Corner is my pick. Awesome.

  19. Malinda Lloyd on the 17th May

    Half Circle side! I love the design – makes it way more interesting than plain business card, with room for a neat logo at the top

  20. Tucker Wannamaker on the 17th May

    Leaf cut is radical. I would take that one for my business!

  21. Joe Sterne on the 17th May

    the Half Circle ones look dandy!

  22. Zach Egolf on the 17th May

    Leaf cut would be really unique and help a business stand out amongst its peers. That’s the one I’d pick!

  23. Elís Mar Einarsson on the 17th May

    I would love the Slim Rounded Corner Business Card =)

  24. Eddie on the 17th May

    Slim Rounded, High Gloss.

    Can you define the diameter of the rounded corner?

  25. Stet E Stilz on the 17th May

    I love the Half Circle Side Business Card. Seems like it would slide into a wallet effortlessly.

  26. lisa s on the 17th May

    leaf cut.

  27. Adam Teece on the 17th May

    I like the Leaf cut double side printed.

  28. Simon Kear on the 17th May

    I really enjoy the aesthetics of the leaf cut card. It almost looks like it could fly if it was folded the right way! Which could be a great idea………..fold the cards to fly and throw a bunch of them from a rooftop downtown. That would get your company noticed!

  29. michelle thorwaldson on the 17th May

    most definitely the leaf cut, high gloss and double-sided! thank you for you generosity in this give away!

  30. John on the 17th May

    The slim rounded corners would be great. I would pick those. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Carolyn on the 17th May

    Love the slim rounded corner cards!

  32. Tomas on the 17th May

    I would like Rounded Corner styled cards.

  33. Lee Caligiuri on the 17th May

    My choice would be the leaf shape as they are the most unusual. Love these cards, and I used to see LOTS of cards being in the printing ind for 20 years. I would love a set of them!

  34. Laurie on the 17th May

    I have a GREAT idea for the half-circle business cards!

  35. Hamrath on the 17th May

    I like the leaf card. That one is really nice.

  36. Linda on the 17th May

    I like the rounded corner 🙂 They are really nice business cards. I like the circle one too, it’s really original but not practical because it would be hard to fit in the wallet.

  37. Ammar Mulla on the 17th May

    Business many options, so many printers…UPrinting makes it so much easier. Quality – that is what all the reviews say, but hey, personally, I would pick the single rounded corner cards. Classy, different, but not too in-your-face. The sharp corners could indicate a sort of rigidity and professionalism, whilst the single rounded corner could hint to a soft, slightly different aspect of the business.

    Wow! That was probably way too much information! 😛 Anyway, I hope I win, lord knows, I could use the cards 😀

  38. cameron stotz on the 17th May

    I like the rounded corner cards!

  39. Michael J. Ross on the 17th May

    I would be delighted to win a pack of business cards in the Leaf design. The timing couldn’t be better, as I will be attending a developer camp next month, and my current business cards are quite out of date.

  40. Mary Lane on the 17th May

    Corner Business Cards are hot!

  41. Jennifer on the 17th May

    Circle please! They are so great!

  42. Chris A on the 17th May

    I like the single rounded corner cards!

  43. Jeffrey Koconis on the 17th May

    Definitely the leaf design, it has a pleasing, visual balance of soft curves and sharp angles, almost a metaphor of opposites in it’s simple contours.

  44. Anna on the 17th May

    I have always wanted circular business cards! My logo would fit perfectly in them!

  45. Jackie on the 17th May

    It’s so evocative of my profession!

  46. Sneha on the 17th May

    The ‘half-circle-side’ are definitely my favorite. Love the website too – very innovative options.

  47. Jenny on the 17th May

    I’d love those leaf shaped business cards!

  48. amanda on the 17th May

    Definitely the leaf!

  49. Taz on the 17th May

    How to choose! Love a die-cut business card and I would choose…!

  50. Edwin (Little Handy Tips) on the 17th May

    I love to have the Rounded Corner if I won. Thanks!

  51. Molly on the 17th May

    Would really love the circular business cards. It would be a standout and an inspiring shape for designing a card!

  52. Karthikeyan on the 17th May

    The rounded single corner seems to be more unique and professional..i just like it…

  53. attiev on the 17th May

    I definitely Love the Rounded Corner!!!
    You guys are so Awesome for giving away your Cool business cards!

  54. Cassandra on the 17th May

    I really like the look of the rounded corners. Very elegant and classy.

  55. Carly Young on the 17th May

    I would love the rounded corners. Im about to graduate from design school and would love to use your company to print my business cards to complete my portfolio.

  56. leo on the 17th May

    I love the simple rounded corners, would love it to see my name and business printed on it

  57. danno on the 17th May

    I like the leaf design. The unique design complements my ‘turning over a new leaf’ – combining my unique abilities as a computer tech and a mortgage loan officer. Yes indeed, in today’s complex mortgage market, you need a ‘nerd’ as your loan agent.

  58. Pat TRSHD on the 18th May

    Definitely the the Sqare Rounded Corner model, wow!

  59. Dave on the 18th May

    I really like the rounded corners or the 1/2 circle. Either one would look awesome.

  60. Nathanael on the 18th May

    Leaf shape.

    The movement of the card is visually and tactilely inspiring.

  61. Roderique Arisiaman on the 18th May

    I’d go with square rounded for sure!! They look awesome

  62. Oridusartic on the 18th May

    If I win, I’ll pick the slim rounded corner. 😀

  63. Liz on the 18th May

    i’m diggin’ the rounded courners – would go with those ones. 🙂

  64. Karolina on the 18th May

    I`d choose the leaf-shaped cards – this shape shows the harmony and eyes follow it easily.

  65. Zack on the 18th May

    I’ll go with the leaf-shaped. Love the alternating corners.

  66. Paul Sanderson on the 18th May

    I would go for the the rounded single-corner.

  67. Ammon on the 18th May

    Wow! I just spent a few minutes designing my custom cards and playing with the 3D viewer–very slick.

    I would love a set of leaf-shaped cards.

  68. Matus on the 19th May

    Uh, uh – I like the leaf! Even though, it’s hard to decide. Thanks 🙂

  69. Fernando PInzón on the 19th May

    HI there!
    I would like the rounded corner ones please! It’s a perfect design, cool, modern, yeahhh!!! I can’t wait for it! Good luck guys!

  70. Jeanette on the 19th May

    They all look great. I would pick the half circle side business card though. Trying to build up my photography. I have some ideas that would incorporate the half circle side, like a camera lens 🙂

  71. Design 311 on the 19th May

    I like the leaf cut ones a lot! Since they are quite original but still quite standard looking.

  72. Jen Breuss on the 19th May

    They’re all great shapes but I think I would go with the leaf cut style. Thanks!

  73. JP on the 19th May

    The love the fact that they’re offering various shapes of business cards to their clients! I personally like the rounded single-corner as it’s something hardly if never seen in business cards. It would make the people I give my business cards to keep thinking about me when they see it.

  74. Carmen Tucker on the 19th May

    I am lovin the leaf cards

  75. Jonny V. on the 19th May

    Circles are the new squares! ( i dont know where im going with this) Definitely would choose the circle business card. If I’m not able to pass them out, I’ll play Pogs with ’em! Anybody remember Pogs? Me neither.

  76. Ash Edmonds on the 19th May

    I must say, they are all pretty awesomely creative but I’d have to go with nothing but the best choice, Square Rounded Corner!

  77. Dinraj Pradeep on the 20th May

    Rounded Single-Corner rocks my boat!

  78. tarun on the 21st May

    i liked the leafcut cards a lot:)

  79. Schwann on the 21st May

    I’d really like the leaf shapes ones, they’re so cool 🙂

  80. Chimica R. on the 22nd May

    I’m a huge fan of the leaf shaped cards. The main reason is because they support being eco friendly. I love the idea of my business cards being a silent remember of how much I care about the Earth. — Plus the leafy cards are pretty cool.

  81. Thomas Britton on the 23rd May

    Rounded corners by far!

  82. Muhammad Hammad Siddiqui on the 23rd May

    Rounded Corner.

  83. M. Almarhoon on the 23rd May

    Leaf shape, matte card.

  84. John on the 23rd May

    I’ve never used leaf shaped cards…I would love to though!

  85. Megan Radich on the 23rd May

    Tough decision! Since I have to choose one though, I choose the leaf style! 🙂

  86. Estepha F on the 23rd May

    I would LOVE the Leaf card! 🙂

  87. Sarah Yost on the 23rd May

    square, baby. That’s my favorite.

  88. Gwen Fowler-Brown on the 24th May

    Rounded corners, round makes life easier. Hope you call out my name as the winner!!

  89. Laura on the 24th May

    This is really a perfect timing 😀
    I’m a while searching where I can order round cards!
    So for me definitely the round cards, that would be awesome!! 😀

  90. Chirag on the 24th May

    Rounded corner is the classic choice. I will have that if I won. This is the first time I am visiting your site and have already become a fan of it. Thank you

  91. Cameron Van Dusen on the 25th May

    I would really like the rounded corner cards. Rounding the corners and giving a card roughly the same shape as a debit/credit card or rewards card gives the illusion that the card is worth more that the paper it’s printed on.

    Well, because it is of course…

  92. Mayank on the 25th May

    Its all about making the card lovable to the customer. The quality of paper and colors make a big difference which Uprinting is taking good care of. I would like to have Single rounded corner card. It fits in with all your other cards and yet it is stylish !

  93. April on the 26th May

    I like the leaf-shaped ones.

  94. Marie Sturges on the 26th May

    Rounded corner, but I do like the Circle too. 🙂

  95. Jon Heller on the 27th May

    Love the rounded corner one, thanks!

  96. Manuel Ebert on the 28th May

    Half-Circle, definitely! Do they come with an optional hole to use as “Do not Disturb” signs for my hamster cage?

  97. Steve Leighton on the 29th May

    Gotta get some of those leaf cards – totally distinctive and awesome!

  98. Leanne Heller on the 29th May

    I’d be very happy with any of the designs, but favor the leaf & rounded edges. Hats off to you guys for offering the contest & thanks!

  99. Nicole J. Nora on the 29th May

    The leaf shaped, standard size die-cut card would be AWESOME to have.

    Thanks WorkAwesome and UPrinting!