Awesome Links #32: Work-Life Balance, Wake Up Early, Mentoring

This week’s Awesome Links discusses some insights on the changes underway at Google, finding work-life balance and tips on mentorship for freelancers. In addition, there’s a link that offers tips to help you become an early riser and another providing a list of companies with a large user base despite having very little manpower behind them.

Finding the Elusive Work-Life Balance
In this post at Zen Habits, Leo answers a question from a reader who is trying to find work-life balance. Leo suggests certain ways to do so; in particular I like his advice to immerse oneself in a different activity, and try to find work that pays more — yet isn’t stressful.

25 Ways to Wake Up Early
Waking up early is better. (Yes, I am saying that despite being a night owl.) People tend to be more productive in the early hours of the day, no matter what the work. These 25 tips mentioned on the Life Optimizer blog could be what you’re looking for to get yourself out of bed each morning.

Page is Back as CEO, But is That What Google Really Needs?
You’ve likely heard that Google now has a new CEO. Well, not exactly new. Co-founder Larry Page took the reigns from the outgoing Eric Schmidt. There’s an interesting commentary on this development by Mathew Ingram over at GigaOm. Considering how important Google is, I think it’s worth staying acquainted with what’s going on with them, and whether this change is for the good.

Internet Companies with Few Employees But Millions of Users
Finally, a really cool list by the Royal Pingdom blog on internet companies that have amassed millions of users around the world, are very successful and yet don’t have a huge number of employees as one might think they would. A very interesting read.

5 Tips for Freelance Mentor Relationships
Just a few days ago, I was having a conversation with a friend on mentors and the act of mentoring. A good mentor (who’s usually not that easy to find) can significantly alter the aspect of life you are struggling with. But that can only work if you are receptive to the mentor. Our sister site, Freelance Switch, has tips for freelancers on how to approach mentors to get the best out of them. FreelanceSwitch also runs the only hand-moderated job board built exclusively around the unique way freelancers find work. Check it out now.

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  1. Rudy Hiebert on the 22nd January

    My perspective is not from a sleep expert no do I claim to know how much sleep I or anybody for that matter needs but this I do know: if feel like I can use a few more zees in the morning, I’m not denying the opportunity. On a more serious level, we need more research on how the brain functions with respect to it’s right and left hemispheres and how much sleep each side needs. I contend that the physical exhaustion our body experiences is different from the mental fatigue. If getting up too early before the right brain has “rebooted” itself, could lead to stress that requires de-fragmenting, compressing files and/or temporary shut-down.

  2. MundoCaco on the 23rd January

    thanks for this links & tips! 😀

  3. Convex Creative on the 23rd January

    Cool stuff going on here. I think everyone deserves a work life balance. Life is all about friends family and good times. We all need to work but it should not be the most important thing in life.

  4. Blue Fire Media on the 23rd March

    You are absolutely right about getting up early. I always find it easiest to tackle my toughest tasks of the day in the morning. It’s too easy to get distracted after lunch, of to fall into a food coma from lunch too =)

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