Awesome Links #35: Time Tracking, Android Apps, Mobile Priority Inbox

How to Keep Track of When You Work Using a Scheduled Task
This interesting article over at the Guiding Tech blog shows how one could accurately track when he logs in and when he locks his Windows computer. While it could be of great help to people at work who are required to fill in timesheets every day, even people who work from home could make use of this technique to check how productive they are.

10 Android Apps to Help Save You Time & Money
The Lifehack blog has a great list of ten Android apps that can help you cut down on the time and money you spend each day. The list includes the usual suspects like Mint’s personal finance app, as well as some other ¬†lesser known useful apps.

From Anxious to Action: How to Have What You Really Want
Anxiety about something that you should do is can be a good thing because it instills the idea that it has to get done in your mind. But can you translate that into action? This post at the FeelGooder blog explores how to do just that. It’s a well-written article that stays away from conventional advice, and discusses some unique perspectives.

Seven More Easy Ways to Integrate Your Google Apps
Lifehacker offers seven advanced methods to integrate Google apps like Gmail, Google Docs et al into your daily life, both online and offline. Some of the methods are simple to implement, while some would require you to go through the content twice in order to get the drift. Overall, some neat tricks there worth checking out.

Priority Inbox in Gmail for Mobile
Finally, Google introduced the Priority Inbox feature as part of the mobile version of Gmail. Priority Inbox, if you remember, was launched with much fanfare and was also readily adopted by people tired of email overload. If you are a Gmail user who uses this feature to sort out your important emails first, bringing this feature to mobile devices is a welcome sight.

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