20 Awesome Office Designs

In lieu of asking “Are Traditional Offices Dead?“, we decided to round up some inspiring office spaces. The featured companies have decided to leave the cubicle farms behind in favor of creative and offices designs. Companies such as Google and Zappos have been highlighted in the past few years but it is evident that the non-traditional office is being adopted by companies of all sizes and industry.


3ROUNDBURST is a design firm located in Santa Monica, California. They cover an array of production fields from editorial development to motion design and branding strategies. Be sure to check out the custom art in their studio.



AKQA has been a force in the media development field since 1995 and has grown to over 750 total employees worldwide. One of their most successful projects was designing the first “Blade Interface” on the Microsoft XBOX 360.


Big In Japan

Big In Japan is a mobile application developing team located in Dallas, Texas. Their flagship application, Shop Savvy, has been widely celebrated as one of the best bar code scanning applications available on the iPhone and Android platforms. The office space is open and features a life-size Hulk figure.



Clearleft is a web development company located in Brighton, England. Founded in 2005 they offer big agency skills with small agency flexibility and attention to detail. Their offices feature plenty of custom artwork and some pretty unique desks.


Dusted Design

Dusted Design is a graphic design and development organization located in London, England. They work with names such as EMI and the Discovery Channel. The offices offer plenty of natural light — and even has an open terrace.


The Ohio-based web development company has worked with the likes of the BBC and McGraw-Hill. One of the highlights of their office is their converted steel door table.



Fog Creek is a New York City based software company located on 55 Broadway. They focus on creating an inspiring and functional atmosphere for their employees with great furnishings and an in-office library.


Google: Dublin

Google’s Dublin campus is more of what the public has come to expect from Google’s office environments. That being said, the office remains unlike any other — with its outdoor meeting area and unique furniture.


The Taiwanese based company’s products have been celebrated for their hardware solutions for VOiP programs (such as Skype) for personal and professional use. Designed by XTRANGE, the office has moss-like covered walls and plenty of in-office greenery.



IZEA is a Florida-based social marketing company focused on word of mouth marketing campaigns. Check out their colorful offices!


Madison Ave Collective

Covering mediums from print to web based, Madison Ave Collective identify themselves as “freelance creatives” and “geeks”. The Oregon-based office was actually remodeled by the employees and embodies much of their culture; be sure to check out the custom painted mural.


One Mighty Roar

One Mighty Roar is a Massachusetts-based web development and design company. Home to blogs such as Build Internet and the Nonsense Society,the recently renovated workspace now showcases their signature purple accents.


Red Door Interactive

Red Door Interactive is a web development company located in Denver, Colorado. The offices are highlighted by sliding doors and tons of open space.


Three Melons

The company behind the web-based LEGO Indiana Jones games is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Much like One Mighty Roar, the Three Melons office has a strong presence of their signature color (in this case, a lime green accent) across the office.


Traction Marketing Group

The Traction Marketing Group has such a unique and interesting office. Self-described as a “creative incubator”, the Traction workspace is highlighted by its converted warehouse appeal and plenty of color.



The premier online broadcast company located in Petaluma, California.  The converted cottage is home to the studio where the network’s shows are recorded and produced.



This micro-blogging platform has quickly become a household name, and this rapid growth has led to an office move for the organization. The new offices span over several floors and offer plenty of Twitter-themed artwork.



The Croatia based web development company has an office highlighted by modern furnishing, a back-lit bookcase and a huge outdoor terrace.


Yahoo: Barcelona

Yahoo’s Barcelona campus has a Jackson Pollack feel to it as many walls are splattered with paint (in a stylish way) and is well-lit with tons of windows.



Zurb is a design company focused on culture. Located in Campbell, California, the so-called “Zurbians” have worked with Facebook, Photobucket and the NYSE. They have a workspace that reflects their culture with themed rooms and plenty of color.


Would you want to work in office environments like the ones we’ve showcased? Let us know in the comments!

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Brendan is currently a junior at Babson College and Editor in Chief of Officeal, a blog that features awesome offices, for the One Mighty Roar network.
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  1. tcdesign on the 6th October

    My favorite office designs are Google: Dublin and Traction Marketing Group. Two offices I’d like to work in :)

  2. Rashid Rupani on the 6th October

    Really great offices.

  3. Lee Gustin on the 6th October

    Awesome offices guys :) thanks for the inspiration!

    If I might make one suggestion: Add some sort of lightbox script for the images, as it’s quite annoying having to click on one, then go back, then click on the next. Just a thought!!

    Keep up the great work

  4. Fred Kelly on the 6th October

    Great list, would love to work at one of those!

    Surprised you missed off 37signals’ new abode:

  5. Diego Monzon on the 6th October

    Beautiful offices.

  6. Mimi on the 6th October

    Great list! Maybe a popup window for the smaller photos? Anyway, you’d know better.

    Just to share, I found countless other office spaces at http://wherewedesign.com/

    As a writer and designer, I would love to work in an environment like Traction or AKQA. Won’t be too bad either if there’s a roof deck with a landscape view.

  7. Matt Riopelle on the 6th October

    I do work at one of those! Thanks for including Madison Ave. Collective! I’d also add to the list our friends up in Portland, Parliament: http://parliamentdesign.com/#/headquarters

  8. Orca on the 7th October

    Very nice offices, is it just me or is there alot of Ikea desks in those offices ?

    Agreed that a Lightbox Popup would be better than having to go back and forward to look at the pictures.

  9. R.Bhavesh on the 7th October

    Cool list. I think envato office should have been included in this list as well.

    Besides, here’s a post idea : “How we work at Envato”. That post could include explanation of a typical day and activities at envato along with cool photos.

    what say?

    • Mimi on the 7th October

      Yes, I agree with R. Bhavesh here. We’d love to know how you guys up there work.

  10. Andrey Shipilov on the 7th October

    Does a couple of Macs and fancy posters make a design in 2010?
    No. It was in 1984.

  11. DinD on the 7th October

    A nice collection of inspiring offices.
    I did a similar article on it: http://pixelclouds.com/2010/03/21/the-great-designer-workplace/

    Hope to do some webdesign in a nice office once..

  12. Adrian Bornea on the 7th October

    This showcase, really inspiring. This will help me to redesign my office.

  13. Ed on the 7th October

    The Yahoo: Barcelona walls do not have a Jackson Pollock feel; that is quite clearly artwork inspired by Joan Miró. A Barcelona painter, fyi.

  14. Brad on the 7th October

    These are all cool to look at from a bird’s-eye view, but I wonder how nice each one is to actually be sitting in working. Not saying they would be bad at that, but for all the fancy stuff on the walls most of the time you’re just going to be sitting in a chair staring at your computer screen. So hopefully a lot of thought went into that as well.

  15. Dan on the 7th October

    Cool offices! If I end up in an office after college, I hope it is as cool a work environment as any of these offices.

  16. mdennisa on the 8th October

    clearleft implements a nice Ux office :p
    with a cozy environment, and dim light. awesome.

  17. Raido on the 8th October

    Some pretty nice offices here. But in my opinion, this Estonian web-solution company beats them all: http://www.okia.ee/blog/2009/12/disainisahtel-inspireeriv-tookeskkond-osa-2/

  18. Johnny on the 8th October

    Mmh, yeah -I’ll be having an office like one of these one day. Or, at least my company will while I’m sitting on my yacht somewhere else.

  19. Amanda T. on the 8th October

    Great collection! For a more detailed look at the ZURB space, check out our Flickr set of Office pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zurbinc/sets/72157612776162310/.

    And to Brad, I have to say our offices, at least, are great for working in. Part of having all the side-rooms is that you always have the option of working at your desk, a standing desk, a side-room, or even a comfy room full of pillows!

  20. Matt on the 8th October

    Great list! Check out our workspace over at http://www.slocumstudio.com/about/take-a-tour/

  21. Tyler Smith on the 8th October

    Thanks to Brendan and WorkAwesome for featuring Traction! We love our space and are proud to receive positive attention surrounding it.

    If anyone wants to see more of our warehouse, enjoy yourself at http://www.tractionokc.com/our-place.


  22. Ofisyasami on the 9th October

    Nice !
    Check out Unilever Head Quarter located at Turkey which has Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)


  23. Kathleen Zarubin on the 10th October

    would love to see this as a ‘Power Point’ (??) type ‘thingy’ – like can get all ‘pics’ and blurb under each one so cna click thorugh a see all – just a suggestion :)

  24. Dzinepress on the 11th October

    beautiful offices and inspiring places. thanks

  25. James Yuille on the 11th October

    Very inspirational. If I had a choice of one to work in myself, I’d chose the Estonian one http://www.okia.ee/blog/2009/12/disainisahtel-inspireeriv-tookeskkond-osa-2/

  26. Luce on the 12th October


    Sidlee (Montreal) also has a really great designed workplace !


  27. Jon Bones on the 12th October

    McKinney also has an amazing office: http://mckinney.com/

    This list in particular though is fairly underwhelming.

  28. David Graves on the 13th October

    Compared to my spare room office I wouldn’t mind working in any of them. But… Google as usual take the most alternative route to office space. I’ll have to plan a trip over to Dublin to have a look at Google’s hq, and the Guinness factory!

  29. Flavio Paiva B. Harder on the 14th October

    Google: Dublin. The best. Funyy place. I like It.

  30. Rox on the 19th October

    I love the Google: Dublin office. It keeps everyone young like you are working with younger employees.

  31. Jenipher on the 26th October

    I really liked this post. Twitter looked semi similar to our offices…i think i’d rather be in the Antropologie headquarters in PA is you ever have a chance to see those!


  32. kropped on the 5th November

    I wish I had an office like any of these, I particularly like the rawness of AKQA’s office space.

  33. MadMavenNYC on the 21st September

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  34. malatya oto kiralama on the 10th October

    nice office design, thank you for sharing

  35. jane on the 11th November

    Why do we stuck at this pale offices when the creative workplaces enhance both our productivity mood and creativity. I want an office in the wood, like this one http://www.coldscoop.com/2011/11/11/color-solutions-for-creative-workplace/

  36. freida on the 22nd December

    Thinking of redesigning you office or cube. First, enter the pimp my cube contest and then you could win an officemakeover for free! entries close at the end of Jan 2011. Check out the site for some “inspiration”!

  37. Nguyen Anh Tuan on the 2nd January

    I have just translated it into Vietnamese and post into my website http://www.noithatvanphong247.com (noi that van phong). Thks and hope for more good articles from yours

  38. Charles Dairo on the 31st January

    Great collection.
    Will definitely come in handy as I design my office.
    Thanks for sharing!

  39. Mark on the 8th February

    Take a look here : http://suchowskimedia.com/office/

  40. Dipo on the 2nd March

    That’s Great Idea’s In Design And I would To Collect In My Design…Thank’s

  41. Office Design Uk on the 13th March

    Great designs and ideas, check out some of the inspiring office designs here http://www.businessinteriors.co.uk/case-studies/ Thanks for sharing!

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  43. Jimmy Jones on the 12th October

    Great article! I think the nature and context of the company is a very important variable. If the business you are working for is very creative and innovative, a more wacky office might inspire creativity among staff.

    I also think the office design can start building relationships with staff and endorse the brand values throughout the company. Compared to a very dull and enclosed office environment might neglect staff and encourage negativity towards the company.

    I think it is great that more and more businesses are now leaning towards a more wackier office compared to the standard traditional office that we have all come to expect.

    Thanks for the read!

    Jimmy Jones | Office King

  44. DJ Wan on the 8th November

    Anyone notice how IT based companies dominate this list? Anywhere online, most of these fantastically designed offices are that of a web design company or some form of design companies.

  45. Robert on the 12th July

    Some great examples here…love the look of the Clearleft offices.

  46. Deirdre on the 10th October

    Some of these are great for home offices.

  47. Shanzy on the 27th November

    It is amazing to see your post about office designs. Designing an office decor is actually an art but usually it has not been acknowledged. Feel pleasure to see such valuable tips and pictures for those who are directly unable to decorate their office due to natural tendency. I found another post that is seconding your opinion here homebeautyideas . Overall it is a great effort. Thanks

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