What Browser Are You Using?

How you surf the web can directly impact how productive you are at work – or in general.  We talked about Safari’s latest iteration recently, but there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

An example of this would be the latest release of Flock, which went into beta testing this past Tuesday.  One of the great aspects of Flock is that you can integrate your social networking profiles from Facebook and Twitter into your browser rather than go to each website or external application.  It now becomes your “one stop shop” to make status updates or check out your latest “tweets” – among other nifty little features.  Its newest version (now built on the open-source Chromium code than previous versions) is only available for Windows right now, but you can sign up at their beta site to find out when it’s going be ready for Mac users.

While Flock may not be everyone’s cup of tea, everyone does have a browser (or browsers) they prefer to use.  What do you use?  Why?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Josh on the 16th June

    I have 3 Browsers, but 2 will get used the most, safari 5 and firefox 3.6, I use safari now because they finally made an ad-block for it. Firefox is still the best browser ever made!

  2. Peach on the 16th June

    My current fav browser is Chrome. Fast, plus a lot of productive extensions. My default was Opera because of the speed, but then Chrome just swoop in and steal my loyalty 😀 FF? Nah, it does consume a lot of memory when there are a lot of extensions installed.

  3. I use Chrome too.

    It loads up pretty fast compared to FF and IE and web pages load pretty too.

    Also, I like the minimalist design of Chrome. As most of my work is done on the web/browser, I need maximum web ‘real estate’.

  4. Sid on the 17th June

    Actually i use 3 browsers at a Time –

    MAIN – Firefox for Professional, Designer work, surfing sites, using my sites twitter(use tweetdeck too) , facebook acc. (tends to slow down, lots of extensions cant live without them)

    Chrome again for designing stuff (i have all my admin panels, adsense, analytics, feedburner, my sites email addresses and yes FIREBUG & YSLOW)

    Safari 5 for my personal stuff (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Personal Email accounts. Google Reader… ) Love the new Reader feature in safari.

    Love Chrome minimalistic design and god its speedy but dont know why cant leave FF. 🙂

  5. Chris Gummer on the 17th June

    I’ve used IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and most recently Safari. I’m sticking with Safari for now and I really can’t fault it. I really love the history search interface and the new Reader feature.

    Still can’t believe Safari can’t automatically reopen all windows/tabs from your last session, but this I can live with.

  6. Mario Awad on the 17th June

    As a web developer, you have to use Firefox, simply because debugging, automated validation of HTML, and keyboard navigation still are not that usable on other browsers.

    I love Chrome too and I use it from time to time for quick browsing sessions.

    • Paul Hachmang on the 17th June

      I recently switched from Firefox to Chome for my development platform. I can say that it is a bit getting used to, but the Chome Inspector WAY faster and less buggy than firebug and offers all the functionality i used with firebug (although, sometimes in a bit different way). I did notice that i really needed to get used to and started to really appreciate it after working a month with it or so.

      One of the best features of Chome is CMD+Shift+T, that didn’t work on safari 5, but recently read that CMD+Z works on Safari.

  7. Jestep on the 17th June

    I use mainly FF, and then use Chrome about 15% of the time. I still have to use internet explorer for testing and some sites that still require IE. If you work in a banking or other financial related industry, you most likely have to use IE for many back end sites created by financial institutions.

  8. Sam Hall on the 17th June

    I use Safari as much as possible. I’m happy to have the ability to use extensions now, but I’ve not tested out too many.

    I keep Firefox around for testing purposes and for the occasional website that does not want to play well with Safari. But even for the latter, I can usually change the User Agent under the Developer menu and use Safari just fine with most any website.

  9. Brandon Martinez on the 17th June

    Windows: Chrome
    Mac: Safari

  10. Paul Letourneau on the 17th June

    Chrome on both Mac and PC…. Hands down the fastest browser

  11. Tomek on the 17th June

    Chrome for regular browsing

    Firefox for development

  12. Tomek on the 17th June

    this should be a poll with listed results

  13. Jesper Bylund on the 18th June

    Google Chrome, it’s the percieved fastest.

  14. Christopher Masiello on the 18th June

    I use Chrome most, FireFox second, IE 6 (work PC), then Safari.

  15. Katie on the 18th June

    I want to try chrome and safari out, but I had enough trouble convincing my family that installing firefox wasn’t going to screw up ie. Yes, I am shaking my head in shame now. Firefox was a lot faster when I first downloaded it, but as the extensions increased, so did the load time.

  16. Gavin on the 18th June

    I used Firefox for a long time, some months ago i switched to Safari. Its so much faster, but i miss some Extensions. So i still use Firefox for testing Websites, for example with Seoquake Plugin.

  17. Hameed Rahamathullah on the 20th June

    I have been using Mozilla Firefox, but now shifted to Google Chrome for its startup speed, bookmark sync, support of latest CSS3 options, application shortcut features.

  18. Jackson on the 22nd June

    Google Chrome

  19. Jens P. Berget on the 23rd June

    I use Safari, but also Firefox (once in a while) and Camino (once in a while). I can’t seem to access Google Groups using Safari, and some other sites doesn’t work that well using Safari… that’s why I have a few other browsers installed.

  20. Mateusz Lomber on the 5th July

    Google Chrome, because it’s very fast and have few cool extensions 😉

  21. Bret Juliano on the 13th September

    Primary browser: Firefox (love all the add-ons from the weather, to FTP for developing websites, etc.

    Testing browsers: Chrome, Safari, Opera

    All else: IE, the last resort browser.

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