How Do You Get Energized?

It’s three in the afternoon. You’re tired, lethargic and ready to call it quits. Although you may be tempted to slump in your chair and let your eyes roll back in your head, you try to stay awake. After all, this isn’t the first time you’ve encountered the afternoon blahs. By now you’ve probably discovered a few pick-me-ups to help you stay productive during times like these.

For some, a quick walk around the block is all it takes. Other people get energized by checking out their favorite blogs or listening to music. A steaming cup of coffee or a lively chat by the water cooler are other standbys.

So what’s your favorite pick-me-up? How do you get a quick jolt of positive energy?

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  1. Thomas S. Nielsen on the 22nd July

    I usually watch a vidcast or listen to a podcast while cooking some food. Love cooking, and it makes me relax. And the food gives me new energy. If I’m not hungry enough for a full meal I’ll get some fruit.

    I find that healthy food, regular meals and enough sleep is the recipe for all day energy, even through my day job and evening home business work.

  2. For me, a hot cup of tea is usually sufficient.

  3. Benjamin on the 22nd July

    I’ve got a sweet tooth so I usually reach for a soda.

    Not the healthiest option, but it does give me that boost I need.

  4. Nick on the 22nd July

    I recently discovered Eboost and am loving it. Gives me a nice kick without dehydrating me like coffee does. I’m in Canada, so I order from

  5. Brad on the 22nd July

    After lunch I try to take a quick “power nap” to recharge my batteries. After that, I have more energy and can focus on my work. Music also helps, as does copious amounts of caffeine.

  6. Patrice Poliquin on the 22nd July

    For me, the best way to get energized is firstly get off the office where I’ve been since 9. I can go outside the block or juste in an other room. 5-10 minutes is suffisent for me. I think to drink something really cold like a good glass of water execptionnaly in the summer is perfect!

  7. Brian Purkiss on the 22nd July

    I normally take a break. Sometimes I’ll play TF2 but normally it’s best to get up and away from the computer. Take a walk, read a book, talk with someone, something – whatever gets me away fromt he computer and changes my environment. Thinking about something other than work for 30min to an hour really helps clear my head so I can dive right back in.

  8. Lorenzo Peña on the 22nd July

    Caffeine ftw! Taurine also, so you know… caffeine + taurine =)

  9. Ashley Hill on the 22nd July

    3pm? I’m out the door heading home…oh wait, I AM home! I work early so that when mid-afternoon comes around I can go outside and ride my bike or head to the lake, and I work from home so my hours are still flexible if I need them. My pickmeup isn’t usually needed, but riding my bike always energizes me.

  10. Avdi Grimm on the 23rd July

    Electronic music – trance or EBM/industrial. I can’t say how many times some timely music has perked me up and saved me from fatigue that caffeine couldn’t even touch.

  11. Eric D. Greene on the 23rd July

    For me, some good music usually works. I’ll pop over to for some trance or progressive, or I might browse iTunes and find something energizing.

  12. Gabe on the 23rd July

    Only if you have ADHD of course 😉

  13. Alison Rowan on the 16th August

    I love putting on some high energy techno–I confess, techno is my guilty pleasure–and just letting loose to the music, dancing around if I feel like it. By the time the song’s over, I feel a rush of energy, and I’m ready to get something done! Perhaps not the least embarrassing option for an office worker, but for those of us who get to work from home, it’s definitely a fun option!

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