6 Natural Energy Foods to Revive Yourself at Work

Have you ever been so tired at work that you fell asleep at your desk? You put your head down for just a minute and, well, you wake up with drool all over the report you were working on. Not only does sleeping at your desk look bad, it can be gross (hello, drool!)

Most of us don’t have the luxury of shutting our office door and taking a cat nap during the day. And sleeping more at night might not be the solution. If you’re like me you have a stash of natural energy foods by your desk in case you need to fight off a growling stomach. Here is a list of foods that give you energy, fill you up,  and keep you alert and functioning at the same time.


I keep a box of Quaker Instant Oatmeal (raisins & spice) on my bookshelf. They make a great breakfast or afternoon snack-especially in the winter. They’re easy to make in the office microwave and are a good source of fiber and iron. Plus they’re low in fat so you don’t have to worry about the “secretary spread.”


These little nuts are great! They include monounsaturated fats that provide essential fatty acids (omega-3s and omega-6s) that produce an alert mental state. A single serving of almonds is about 12 nuts-a good little snack to wake you up even if you’re not hungry.


I keep a couple of my favorite yogurts (Dannon Lite & Fit) in the fridge. Studies have shown that magnesium-rich foods, like yogurt, can provide an energy boost. Plus it’s a great source of calcium-especially important for women.


I eat a banana a day. Fruit is a great source of carbohydrates, which give you a quick boost, but is also a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. And fruit (especially bananas) are easy to take with you-they don’t even need a baggie!


I’m not talking about the movie-kind that’s covered in butter. I’m talking about the healthy, low-fat kind. Popcorn has a lot of fiber, which helps you feel full faster and it’s easy to make. You can even buy single-serve packets these days. And you can always sprinkle on seasoning to give it a little extra flavor.

Hummus and Veggies

Carrot sticks are so last season. My favorite thing to do is slice red, orange, and yellow peppers and use hummus as a dip. Hummus comes in lots of flavors to suit any palate and is a great source of protein and low in calories: 1/4 of a cup is about 100 calories.

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Melanie Brooks has written for newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites from Maine to New Jersey. She currently works as an editor for Bangor Metro and Maine Ahead magazines.


  1. Thomas Stark jr. on the 25th September

    Nice tips! Yogurt and fruit usually works pretty well for me. Energy boost guarantee 🙂

  2. Bryan Thompson on the 25th September

    Great post, Melanie. I haven’t thought of the oatmeal idea but it’s a great idea, especially considering that my office loves to bring in bagels for everyone. Oatmeal might make it easier not to be tempted with the worse option. I do often bring bananas or apples, and they do make it easier to get through the day.

  3. Sid on the 25th September

    Nice all of them ring true.. 😀

  4. Dee on the 25th September

    Most trail mixes are also awesome. They give me little bits of needed energy while in class. =)

  5. Daquan Wright on the 25th September

    Everytime I ate lunch I’d be dead tired at work. Reckon’ you can’t eat a full meal while on the job. xD

  6. Shane Perry on the 25th September

    The oatmeal and popcorn is a great idea because it doesn’t need a fridge and can last for a while. I used to snack at the desk with a bag of raw almonds. Unfortunately, it is easy to eat nuts without portioning out the amount and that can result in unnecessary high fat intake while staffing a desk.

  7. Prog4rammer Ala'a on the 25th September

    Thanks for Great object 🙂

  8. MundoCaco on the 26th September

    Nice post! really, I think that eating well affects our performance, I attest to that.

    Usually take yogurt, fruits and also a mixture of flour of cereals, is typical of Canary Islands, called ‘Gofio’ is delicious! 🙂

  9. Adriana on the 27th September

    Great tips Melanie! Thanks! I sometimes eat cereals at work, I especially like crunchy musli. In the morning it really gives me a great boost if I eat a pink grapefruit.

  10. Mimi on the 27th September

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing this. Hope you’d have a Part II post with a longer list 😉

  11. Jason on the 28th September

    Great tips. I usually do fruit as a snack. I’m going to try the hummus & veggies.

  12. Lala T. on the 29th September

    Excellent tips! I like to start my day with the low-sugar Quaker Oatmeal or red-potatoes fried in olive oil (takes a few minutes) along with orange juice and vitamins. However, I usually do find myself dragging by 1 or 2pm – even if I just ate lunch. I’ll have to try these out, particularly the Yogurt, Fruit and Popcorn.

  13. Herb on the 23rd December

    I always thought the mango was the miracle fruit. Bananas are just as good, and are much cheaper than the mango.

  14. hop sam on the 20th March

    I like mixing amonds fruit and yogurt together

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