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Hi Work Awesome!

My name is Tina Su. That’s me on the right. The little smiling boy I’m holding is my son, Ryan.

I’m the proud new owner here on Work Awesome. I just wanted to spend a moment to say hello and to introduce myself.

I am a writer, a photographer and a mom. I live in Seattle with my husband Jeremy, our son Ryan and our fluffy dog Tommy. I am Canadian from Toronto. I was born in Beijing, China.

I used to work as a Software Engineer for, and later as a User Experience Designer. Somewhere along my cubical existence at amazon, I became obsessed with the topic of happiness, productivity and personal motivation.

In 2007, I began writing on these topics, sharing the life lessons I’ve learned on my blog–Think Simple Now. In 2008, I left my fulltime job to focus on my blog, thus transitioning into my new career as a professional blogger and online publisher.  This is what I do today.

I am passionate about many things: helping people lead happy lives is at the top of that list. And I am extremely honored to be able to oversee the direction for Work Awesome. I really want to maintain the current publication quality, and directing it such that the site continues to be a valuable resource to help you work happily and productively.

This site is about you and I am committed to creating the best experience for you. As such, please take a minute to tell me what type of content will make you happy via this quick survey.

More Personal Stuff

Besides being passionate about my family, and writing. I am also passionate about photography. I wrote about my journey to becoming a pro photographer here: Dreams Come True. I am also passionate about Apple products.

My husband is a commercial photographer and he teaches me all the technical things that I never learned as a self-taught photographer. Jeremy is also an aspiring filmmaker. We hope to put up many more videos with motivational content later this year.

Our son Ryan is 16 month old. He’s very active and curious little boy. He gets into everything he’s not supposed to. His favorite word is “Ba!!” and his best friend is a toy bunny.

I’m currently focused on finishing a book on Life Purpose.

Perhaps the best way to get to know someone is through reading about the thoughts closest to their heart. Here are some articles I’ve written in the past that you may enjoy:

Here are some popular articles written by one of the passionate and talented contributing authors on Think Simple Now:

Elsewhere Online

  • Facebook Page – Where I share daily inspirational quotes and other inspiring shares.  Click on the Like button to join us. You’ll be happy that you did.
  • Facebook Personal – Personal announcements and photos are shared on here.
  • TSN Inside Newsletter – The insider’s newsletter is a free email list where I send out personal thought and additional motivational ideas. Most recently, I started sharing audio recordings with productivity ideas.
  • Twitter – click on follow
  • LinkedIn

New Editor

I wanted to introduce to you my friend Pooja who helps me run Think Simple Now. She will be leading the publication on Work Awesome and will be helping me to keep this site even more awesome and beautiful.

Interestingly, Pooja also used to work as a Software Engineer before pursuing her love for writing full-time (perhaps that’s why there are so few women in engineering—writing took them all!).

Pooja lives in Melbourne, Australia. She blogs at Of Parchments & Inks.

Mike Vardy is still part of the team and will continue to lead the awesome podcast.

How Are You?

I’d love to know you better. Please leave a comment below to introduce yourself (completely optional, of course. But I’d be happy if you do).

Suggestions, ideas, thoughts? Leave them in the comments below. I will see you there!

If you haven’t already, take a minute to fill out this short survey.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

Nice to meet you!


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Tina is a mom, writer, and owner for Work Awesome and Think Simple Now. Lover of salads, apple products, and inspiring people to live happily.
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  1. Welcome Tina.

    Work Awesome is my all time favourite blog.

    Off to check out your other sites.

    Enjoy the ride

    • Tina Su on the 12th April

      Thanks Leah!

      Pooja will be managing the site. And I’ll be helping her with ideas and directions.

      We shall do our best to keep it awesome.

    • Gaurab on the 27th April

      Hi Tina,
      Workawesome is the most inspirational blog i have came through and hope u bring us more gr8 stuff that are really inspirational.

      Carry on the awesome work..

  2. Kuswanto on the 12th April

    Awesome Owner of Work Awesome!

    • Tina Su on the 12th April

      Awesome! :)

  3. Andreas on the 12th April

    Hi Tina,

    Welcome to Work Awesome. This is one of my favorite blogs in the productivity category. Hope you’re making my work even more awesome. (I love my job ;) )


    • Tina Su on the 12th April

      Sweet! We will do our best.

      Did you fill out the survey? If you did, thank you. Some really passionate readers and ideas on the survey results so far.

  4. bernard on the 12th April


    WA is of one of my toplisted blogs! Tonight i will have a look at your in the past written articles!



    • Tina Su on the 12th April

      Thanks Bernard. Hope you like what you find.

  5. Nick on the 12th April

    Hey there, Tina!

    I look forward to your running of Work Awesome! Im sure you will do a great job!

    Good luck!


    • Tina Su on the 12th April

      We will do our best Nick. Thanks for the warm welcome. :)

  6. Harishankaran on the 12th April

    Awesome :) Looking forward for your posts :-)

  7. Heidi, seed paper on the 12th April

    Welcome Tina and congratulations on the purchase of WorkAwesome! This blog has become one of my top daily reads and I’m looking forward to the new perspective that you’ll be bringing. [totally cute picture of you and your son, by the way!] ~Heidi

    • Tina Su on the 12th April

      Thank you Heidi.

      Pooja will be managing the content. I will help her and I will periodically add content of my own.

      It’ll be fun.

      That photo was from his 1-year old birthday party. My little boy. :)

  8. leo on the 12th April

    Welcome Tina, this blog is on my daily routines, hope it stays awesome!

    • Tina Su on the 13th April

      Thank you Leo!! :)

  9. Mits on the 12th April

    How did you go about being the new owner.. what made you want to take this web site over.. just curious..

    Is it a big investment intime running this site? Its a great site.


    • Tina Su on the 13th April

      Hi Mits,

      That’s a great questions.

      I was procrastinating one day and browsing flippa. I almost fell off my chair when I saw workawesome listed. I knew the previous owner and instantly sent him an email.

      I have purchased several sites on flippa in the past and understand the types of buyers on that site. And I had a feeling that the site may go to someone who doesn’t understand blogging, which would mean that the site will die a slow death. Seeing that so much energy has been put towards building the site (the design, the writing) I didn’t want that to happen. I didn’t want the site to die.

      I understand blogging, especially one in the productivity and personal development space. I understood the financial problems the site was having, and I had a hunch on how to fix it.

      Also, I felt that the site is such a nice compliment with my existing blog. TSN (my blog) is on being happy with life. WA is about being productive with work. They compliment each other. I rarely blog about productivity on TSN, but I have lots of ideas on productivity, and how I have a space to do that in.

      Those are just a few of the major points.

      Hope that answers your question.


    • Yan Susanto on the 13th April

      I didn’t know you’re into buying websites too…. ;) I saw the listing on flippa too. And you’re right, if this site is not taken over by you and your awesome team, a slow death is almost a certainty.

      I wish you and Pooja all the best and cheers to more awesome work ahead…


    • Tina Su on the 13th April

      Hi Yan,

      *sigh* Yeah, it’s an hobby of mine to browse flippa and get passive niche sites. And then I accidentally saw this, which as you know isn’t passive. It’ll require love and attention. But I just couldn’t pass it up. It would have been so sad to watch this site die.

      I started blogging with the intention of talking about productivity, but somehow TSN turned into something else. :) Now I have a place for those productivity tidbits. :)


  10. Eric Pitcock on the 12th April

    Hey Tina! I also live in Seattle. It’s nice to know someone local is involved in a site I enjoy so much.

    Good luck with everything!

    • Tina Su on the 13th April

      Sweet! Thanks Eric. I’m in West Seattle.

  11. Cristo on the 12th April

    Welcome! I check this blog daily, I really enjoy reading it, best wishes for this new stage!

    • Tina Su on the 13th April

      Thank you for your support Cristo.

  12. Fred Griffin on the 12th April

    Congratulations, Tina! WorkAwesome is on my Bookmark List of daily reads. Looking forward to your Blogs, Posts, Testimonials, Links, and Encouragement.

    • Tina Su on the 13th April

      We shall do our best Fred. :)

  13. Ricardo on the 12th April

    Welcome Tina and greetings from Portugal!
    My best wishes for this new stage x

    • Tina Su on the 13th April

      Hi Richardo from Portugal. Thank you for the warm wishes.

  14. Dale CMPN on the 12th April

    I am in Seattle as well. As a, soon to be, UW graduate with 2 jobs and a bad habit of picking up side-projects, this place has been invaluable to my productivity. I’m definitely looking forward to future developments. Welcome, congrats, cheers!

    • Tina Su on the 12th April

      Hi Dale,

      I have a side-project habit too. I hear where you are coming from. :)

      Gotta focus! focus, focus, focus.


  15. Mike Vardy on the 12th April

    Congrats to Tina and Pooja! I’m looking forward to working with you…

    I’ve no doubt you’ll keep the site growing — and I’m stoked to keep doing the podcast. Hope everyone stays tuned…it’s going to be a fun ride!

    • Tina Su on the 12th April

      Good lookin’ pic Mike! Very super-model like. :)

      Thanks for being so helpful in guiding us in the transition. I feel safer that you are still on the team with Pooja and I.

    • Pooja Lohana on the 13th April

      Thanks, Mike. I am super excited to be a part of this with you and Tina ;)

      To Awesomeness!


  16. Percy on the 12th April

    I was happily surprised that you became owner of this site! I follow your TSN (Think Simple Now) site as well, and was confused at first when your picture popped up on this website.

    Glad to have you on board! I love this site for the productivity tips – but also love TSN for all inspiration that you give!

    Keep it up!

    • Tina Su on the 13th April

      Hi Percy,

      Haha… My bad for the surprise. I had announced it to the TSN Insider Mailing List last week, but haven’t done so on TSN yet.

      I have a lot of productivity tips, and short post ideas. TSN isn’t the right platform for it, you know, how people like longer articles that deals with living in the now.

      So, in the future, my productivity tips will go here. Hopefully, we’ll keep this place awesome. That’s the goal.

  17. Vineet Kashyap on the 13th April

    Hello ! Tina

    That is cool Realy Awesome Waiting for your next post :D

  18. Bojan on the 13th April

    Hey Tina, glad to have you here. I hope that you will retain good spirit that this blog had so far and that you will continiue to offer guest posting opportunities for people who want to contribute great content to the website.

    Best of luck in the future and best regards from Belgrade

    • Pooja Lohana on the 13th April

      Hi there,

      I just wanted to say that the guest posting is NOW open to all. We’re glad to feature your posts if they match WA’s needs and criteria :)


  19. erica on the 14th April

    Next we need an introductory post by Pooja! Thank you for taking the site over, Tina. I look forward to what’s to come here.

    • Tina Su on the 19th April

      Haha… I think so. :)

      Pooja, did ya hear that? We have a request here.

    • Pooja Lohana on the 30th April

      Aww, Thanks Erica. Perhaps soon!


  20. Ana da Silva on the 15th April

    Congratulations and welcome Tina! I’m one of the contributors here and I wish you all the best with this new great venture.


    • Tina Su on the 19th April

      Thank you Ana!

  21. Aaron Moody on the 16th April

    Hi and welcome Tina,

    You seem like a really nice, and skilled person, I’m sure you will make work awesome even more……awesome!

    • Tina Su on the 19th April

      Thank you Aaron!

  22. mohammed on the 17th April

    gratz Tina :) … i think you will be good moderator in here and you will bring more happy and Joy
    to us :)
    Best wishes

    • Tina Su on the 19th April

      I hope I can do that. That’s the intention! :)

  23. Alejandro Sosa on the 19th April

    amazing introduction for an amazing site, welcome tina, i think this will be a more comfortable blog with you as a moderator :D

    • Tina Su on the 19th April

      Hi Alejandro.

      Aww, thank you. Pooja, Mike and I will do our best to make this site amazing, helpful and beautiful.

      Thank you for the friendly welcome. :)


  24. Jen on the 20th April

    Congratulations Tina! I am sure you all will do a brilliant job with WA. :)

    • Tina Su on the 22nd April

      Thank you Jen! Hope to see you around.

  25. Peter on the 22nd April

    Congratulations with this acquisition!
    Sounds like you will be able to keep up the awesomeness here :)

    I check this website a few times a week but the website has been down for several days for me now and i was getting a little worried. Seems like the site has been online as there has been some activity here, but i haven’t been able to reach it from Sweden.
    Great to have the site back!

    • Tina Su on the 22nd April

      Hi Peter,

      Apologies for the down time. We moved domain registrars to 1and1, and unfortunately (and unpredictably) 1and1 took the liberty to automatically update the DNS settings to point at their own servers. For DNS changes to be propagated worldwide, it can take up to 48 hours. By the time I changed the DNS settings to the correct ones, we had to wait the 48 hours for some, and slightly faster for others. We learned our lessons, and don’t anticipate on further down time. :)

      Thank you for the warm welcome. We will do our best to keep this place awesome and useful and beautiful.


  26. Anish J on the 25th April

    Hello Tina,

    This was a great choice I say. This website is just incredible, and I think you’ll make it better. Congratulations of the new-ownership of Work Awesome.


    • Tina Su on the 30th April

      Thanks Anish. We will do our best. :) Pooja’s done an exceptional job so far. We have many great writers lined up.

  27. James Tadeo on the 27th April

    Exciting to see the site continually offering fresh and useful info. I’ve always enjoyed this site and wanted to chime in to say congrats.

    • Tina Su on the 30th April

      Thank you James. :)

  28. Wolf on the 29th April

    From the lack up updates on the site, I have determined that you’re really not up to the task of running this blog, Tina. 2 posts in 10 days?

    Perhaps you need to read the last article, “How to Be Consistent & Get Stuff Done.”

    I have taken Work Awesome off of my list of daily reads. I’ll check back in a few months to see if the consistency has improved.

    • Tina Su on the 30th April

      Hi Wolf,

      Perhaps you’re mis-understading and are only seeing the featured posts at the top.
      Please scroll down on the page to see the latest content. The top three featured posts doesn’t include every new post we publish, just the best ones.

      We’ve since published 8 articles since this post.
      The new posting schedule –based on the reader survey– will be 3 times a week (M,W,F).


  29. George on the 6th May

    Ever since Tina came on board the pictures accompanying the posts have taken a decided turn. (To me, for the worse). They are now largely interesting pictures of … people! I always felt that this blog had really interesting accompanying shots. Excellent metaphors for topics. I confess to having copped a few for PowerPoint illustration duty.

    That’s all gone now. And that’s a big pity. Perhaps, as a computer geek, I am more comfortable with concepts than people? Ask yourself where your demographics are.

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