The Best of the Business Blogs, September 2010

At the start of each month, we round up the best posts from the business network of blogs and directing you to them. Here’s the best of business in September, with articles from FreelanceSwitch and WorkAwesome.


From Freelancer to Thought Leader in 5 Easy Steps

Why would a freelancer want to establish herself as a thought leader in her industry or client niche? Well even for the most bashful of us, the day often (and quickly!) arrives when pushing hours for dollars or pounds just doesn’t quite cut it anymore. I’m not saying everyone will be interested in this path. But if you are, then this article may just become your road map.

The Job Reply I Really Want to Write

Lately, I’ve seen some where the requests are so egregious I feel I need the respond to the poster. But in the interest of not burning bridges, I won’t. Instead, I present to FreelanceSwitch: The job ad reply I wish I’d write. All names have been changed to protect the annoying.

8 Books to Sharpen Your Ninja Marketing Skills

You may not be a marketing consultant by trade. But each of us, once hired to handle work for our client, becomes part of the giant grinding wheel of marketing; and even a cursory knowledge of the marketing basics, along with some hot tips from the minds and sciences on the bleeding edge, will give you the sharper dueling blade you need to pull ahead of your competition (but no beheading please).

Setting Goals to Succeed: Lessons from a Freelance Classical Musician

For classical music jobs, successful freelance musicians center their work around the concept of a “portfolio” career. In order to survive and thrive with such a lifestyle, just like learning to play an instrument, it is essential that you start with the basics in order to build solid foundations.  Following the method outlined below, I re-launched my classical music career after two decades out of the industry and have never looked back.

5 Keys to Avoiding Social Media Fatigue

It’s rare that you’ll see a well-rested, socially adjusted, and emotionally fulfilled individual publish rants to a blog or Twitter page. But if you take sleep, confidence, and satisfaction from the happiest of people you’ll quickly see sniveling, snapping beasts emerge. They’re not evil. Just fatigued.


How to Find the Work You Love

WorkAwesome’s goal is to help its readers work and live better. In fact, the credo sits next to our title at the top of the site. Loving your work is one of the best ways to help you achieve this goal and Jen Smith offers 7 ways to find work that you will love.

How to Smash Your To Do List When You’re Your Own Boss

Being your own boss means you don’t have anyone but yourself to rely on for motivation. Whether it be a project or just a simple action, it can be a lot tougher to be consistent at getting yourself going when you only have to report back to, well, yourself.  Peter Shallard shows you how to get through your tasks when the only one you have to answer to is you.

55 Ways to Relax After Work

An inspiring post from Sarah Nagel that offers up suggestions on what you can do after work to help you relax. Many of the suggestions can be applied for the weekend as well — and the 55 mentioned are sure to spark additional ones that some may find more to their liking.

Being on the Wrong Side of Internet Policy at Work

Remember the “boss key” that you’d press when you were doing something on your computer that your superiors may not have been too fond of you doing on company time? Well, this tactic doesn’t work so well online, where your every move can be tracked — and usually is. Yet some workplace web activity is actually helpful to your work efforts – either directly or indirectly. Too bad most bosses don’t see it that way. Bob Bessette explores what can happen when you find yourself on the wrong side of your workplace’s internet policy.

Using Multiple Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a communication tool — and is used on both personal and professional levels. Melanie Brooks discusses several tools you can use to make sure that your personal and professional tweets don’t end up coming from the wrong places.

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