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Which OS Do You Use?

With Microsoft closing in on its Windows XP support end date (and the fallout from the recent Help Centre flaw being broadcast all over the web), PC users are either looking to Windows 7 or sticking with XP “support free” as this transition takes place.  Because we know no one is using Vista, right?

Macintosh OS (also known as OS X and OS 10) users have been “treated” to a new operating system approximately every two years now.  Linux users are having new “distros” developed at a breakneck pace as it gains popularity – but it is still has the smallest market share out there.  (I’m unaware of any standalone productivity applications developed for the OS – web applications seem to be the only option.  If any of our readers know of any, please enlighten me!)

With support ending for what was likely the most widely-used operating system, it brings to the forefront the following:

What OS do you use and why?

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