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6 Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You – Unless You Ask

Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You

There are certain personal questions you should never ask your customers. They probably won’t answer anyway. You shouldn’t ask about your customers’ political persuasion, religion, sexual preference, or ethnicity. But, really, do these questions really matter all that much in the long run?

The thing is lots of businesses do ask about this personal type of information, while neglecting more important questions. If you really want to get to the heart of what draws customers to your business and what might keep them coming back for more, ask the following six questions instead: Click Here to Read Article …

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Giveaway: Win 1000 High Quality Business Cards

Hello there!

So, October’s here and we thought it’d be nice to start it with a cool contest.

America’s Green Printing Company, 1-800Postcards.com, and Workawesome bring you chance to win 1000 business cards. Four lucky pants will win a pack of 250 customised business cards of their choice.

1-800 Postcards is known as a top-tier producer of offset and digital printing. They use premium, extra heavy, earth friendly papers as the stock for their basic digital printing. 1-800 Postcards use soy based inks in offset and top of the line equipment. Their emphasis is on the highest quality printing possible.

So do you want to leave a professional, lasting impression with custom-made business cards from 1-800Postcards? Then just leave a comment below and enter your chance into winning this sweet deal! Click Here to Read Article …

Giveaway: Win 250 High Quality Business Cards

Hey you, WorkAwesome + UPrinting is throwing a cool giveaway — 3 people will get to win 250 awesome die-cut business cards ($70 value).

Do you want to get creative with your business? Then give these unique business cards a try. For free!
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