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How Do You Ease into the Work Week?

A freelance friend of mine recently commented that she has a hard time transitioning from weekend to weekday. “How do you ease into your work week?” she asked. “Monday mornings are always killer!”

I’m afraid I have the opposite problem: work days and weekends blend together thanks to my BlackBerry and MacBook addictions. This means I rarely have a huge email overload on Monday morning, but I also miss out on the chance to feel completely relaxed and rested because I’m never fully unplugged. However, I do make sure I have something fun to do Sunday night (often watching Mad Men with the aforementioned friend), so I’ll start the week on a positive note. It helps that I also try to stick to roughly the same sleep schedule so I’m not throwing my circadian rhythms out of whack.

Your turn! How do you transition into the work week? Do you keep worktime and playtime clearly delineated? Or, like me, do you sometimes find they blend together? Click Here to Read Article …

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