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7 Ways to Kick Start Your Day

The way we start our day can strongly influence how the rest of the day goes. Whether we are concerned in making that first hour of the day the one that sets the tone or use the morning to create a great day throughout, we need to take the early part of the day to set up success for the rest of the day. Here are seven tried and tested ways that I use to kick start my day.
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How to Keep Motivated During the Dog Days of Work

It’s a story to which many people can probably relate: A few months after I started at a new job, the excitement of the new opportunity had begun to pass, I had finished my first few major projects, and the arrival of summer began to divert my attention elsewhere. Suddenly, after being highly motivated since getting hired, I felt lethargic and slow in the office. My procrastination levels rose and my productivity faltered. Click Here to Read Article …

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Live Healthier and Longer With Less Effort: Consider a Crosstrainer

Getting older isn’t bad. Looking older and becoming ill or weak, that’s what’s bad. A crosstrainer can add years of healthy living. The health benefits of exercise are widely known. A sedentary lifestyle increases your chance of heart disease and early death by more than smoking or eating a poor diet, according to research at the University of Hong Kong. Their study showed that the couch potatoes even increased their risk of cancer, by 45 percent if they were men and 28 percent if they were women.

According to a January 2011 article in The Journal of the American Medical Association, the size of the gait and speed was another measure for longevity. Those walking faster simply skirted death longer than those with a slower pace did. Maybe they simply outran it or had the faster speed because of their increased fitness. The second is the most rational choice. Click Here to Read Article …

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3 Underrated Productivity Improvement Tools

All things equal, why are we able to focus some days better than others? Howcome we see a productivity improvement at certain times only?

It doesn’t make sense. You’re not being distracted and you’re trying to be productive, but your mind is simply cloudy. The conventional productivity tips aren’t working and you’re getting frustrated. Lucky for you, there is an answer.

Could there be more to productivity than writing a list and executing it? Could there be some indirect factors that have a much greater effect on our ability to focus on tasks than we realize? Click Here to Read Article …

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Awesome Links #30: Winter Running, Breaking Bad Habits, Finance Apps

With 2011 kicking in, this week’s Awesome Links focuses on how to get your year started on the right track. Between getting exercise during the winter months, ridding yourself of those lingering bad habits and getting your finances in order, you’re sure to find some — if not all — of these awesome links useful.
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What’s Your Workout Routine?

Keeping on top of your game both at work and in life is a real challenge; you can’t stay super-productive if you’re super-exhausted.  It just won’t happen.

This is where having a workout routine comes into play.

It’s called a “workout” for a reason – it’s work.  You have to treat it as such.  If you didn’t show up for work when you were scheduled, you’d have to face the consequences.  Same goes with working out.  Both set of consequences could spell long-term trouble for you.

Freelancers may have an easier time consistently working out – they generally have a strong sense of self-discipline to call on and keep them honest.  That said, they may be “too busy” to do a regular workout.  Those who work at the office 9 to 5 will use the same excuse – or bring up plenty of others that fit the bill.

A site I like to check out for fitness tips is NerdFitness – and it’s fitting that the creator of the site, Steve Kamb, took the plunge this week by quitting his “safe” job to focus solely on the site.  He’s got the goods to make it all work, too.

So, what’s your workout routine?  What are your favorite sites to get fitness tips?  Let us know in the comments. Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Ways to Stay Lean While Working From Home

So, you’ve managed to convince your boss and/or your spouse that you can be more successful by working from home.  Nicely done. However, as discussed here, there can be some concerns if you aren’t careful.

Here are a few tips to help prevent you from putting on extra weight whilst working from home: Click Here to Read Article …

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