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Producteev Two is a Sequel Worth Checking Out

Yesterday was the launch of latest offering in web-based productivity software solutions, Producteev Two.  The system takes all of your (and, if applicable, you team’s) tasks and puts them into one place where they can managed and tracked accordingly.  I’ve had some time to play around with the beta release of the product and am quite impressed with the look, feel and ease of use of this pretty powerful tool.  Oh, and you can do pretty much everything without even going to their website. Click Here to Read Article …

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The iPad: The Ultimate Productivity Device?

Friday was the launch date of Apple’s iPad device outside of the United States and early reports suggest that sales are likely to be as “brisk” as they were when the American public had first dibs.

Now that the device has made its way into nine additional countries, many wonder if part of the appeal of the device is its inherent appeal to be used to maximize productivity. With Apple themselves marketing their iWork suite as productivity apps and The Omni Group focusing their energy on bringing all of 5 of their productivity apps to the platform, it’s clear that the iPad is being positioned as a device geared towards fostering productivity.

(That said, it’s also being touted as a cutting-edge gaming device.)

Whether the iPad becomes the “go to” device for people wanting to be awesomely productive or if it’s just a flashy new gadget (re: distraction), one thing is certain – it is going global.

Is the iPad the ultimate productivity device?  What do you think? Click Here to Read Article …

The Benefits of Working from Home

Going to work in an office can be stressful and costly for both employee and employer.  Thanks to technology many people have the option of working from home (or off-site at that warm beach somewhere!).  For consultants and freelancers there are obvious reasons why you should work from home (you might not have another choice anyway!) but for full-time employees there are financial and personal advantages to working at least a couple days per week from home.  Not every profession allows for this flexibility but if yours is one of the many that do, here are some benefits to look into for both employer and employee. Click Here to Read Article …

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School Did Not Prepare You for Work

Congratulations! You’re out in the real world, living on your own, holding down your own job, building your career one day at a time. You made it through high school, through college, through the job hunt, and now you’re here: at work!

But you’re not entirely comfortable, are you? Something is slightly wrong with the world, but you can’t put your finger on it. You like your job, more or less. You like your company and coworkers, more or less. Your career seems to be on track. And yet you feel anxious, out of place, rudderless.

I think I know what’s bothering you. Click Here to Read Article …

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