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How to Play Pretend to Energize Your Work Day

Energize Your Work Day

When we were younger playing grown-up was a fun game; we could be artists, police officers, doctors — all in one afternoon. Yet, while admittedly it’s been awhile, I don’t think playing ‘the overtired employee in the third cubicle’ was ever high on the imaginary rotation.

Still, here we all are, just trying to get through the workday with enough energy to battle the evening traffic. Keeping with the ideal of working smarter not harder, below are 4 pretend roles that, when played correctly, will make your workday feel like it just got a juice box of energy to energize your work day. Click Here to Read Article …

How Do You Get Energized?

It’s three in the afternoon. You’re tired, lethargic and ready to call it quits. Although you may be tempted to slump in your chair and let your eyes roll back in your head, you try to stay awake. After all, this isn’t the first time you’ve encountered the afternoon blahs. By now you’ve probably discovered a few pick-me-ups to help you stay productive during times like these.

For some, a quick walk around the block is all it takes. Other people get energized by checking out their favorite blogs or listening to music. A steaming cup of coffee or a lively chat by the water cooler are other standbys.

So what’s your favorite pick-me-up? How do you get a quick jolt of positive energy? Click Here to Read Article …

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