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4 Ways to Write Your Resume Like a Pro

Today’s lives are characterized by so many activities that people complain of lack of enough time to do what’s important. With the ever contracting time, the smaller, often-considered-less-important jobs like editing and proofreading are neglected or done haphazardly, leaving a lot to be desired.

If the work is written, it could mean that the writers have no time to proof; they just do it and pass it along to the next desk which should clearly not be the case. Click Here to Read Article …

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Don’t Leave Your Online Reputation to Chance

Online Reputation

Whether you are presently working or searching for that job to further your career and pay your bills, do you ever stop to think about your online reputation?

For some workers and job applicants, the unfortunate answer is “no”. As a result, they put their current or potential job in jeopardy.

According to a recent CareerBuilder study (2,000 hiring managers and human-resources pros were interviewed), two in five businesses currently turn to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to screen potential hires. Click Here to Read Article …

Burn Your Resume: Alternative Strategies to Get Your Dream Job

A dream job usually isn’t something conventional. Nor should your approach to getting hired. Have you ever thought of the whole resume process?  You spend many hours, and in some cases many dollars, creating – fabricating – a document for that your potential employer is going to probably dedicate less than 30 seconds to reading it.  Sure, there are going to be some occasions where they will read the whole resume because they are hoping to find that you have listed your hobbies, and you share a love of butterfly collecting.  But a happy coincident like that is a tad rare. Click Here to Read Article …

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