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5 Ways to Posture Yourself for an Internet Job

Internet job

If the only jobs that were left on Earth were Internet jobs based on Internet applications, would you be able to get hired? This a question more and more job applicants are asking themselves. One of the biggest job growth sectors is online, where e-commerce sites, Internet magazines, social networks, online retailers, and SEO agencies are tapping into one of the most important inventions since the printing press.

Increasingly, job applicants are looking online for jobs and searching Internet forums in order to find a career. Hiring managers are using the Internet for their own recruiting purposes. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all being utilized for business growth and career development simultaneously.  Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Resources for Crowdsourcing Creatives

If you’ve ever been the position of needing a logo, a brochure or even a name for your new product, you know the value of having a sharp, creative mind at your disposal. But what if you had thousands? By the same token, what if you’re the person who always wins accolades for doodling logos and thinking up taglines on the fly, but you have no clue how to parlay your talents into work?

The answer is crowdsourcing. Click Here to Read Article …

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