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Awesome Links #28: Gift Ideas, Mac Automation Guide, Surviving Holidays

The final Awesome Links of the year brings some links that offer gift ideas (for those of you who’ve yet to pick up gifts for the holidays), a guide to automate your Mac – whether it’s something you received as a present or have had for some time – and how to get through this especially stressful time of year.
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Manage Your Drinks at the Holiday Party

I can’t wait for the holiday party, either. The food is good. Everyone seems to have a good time. It’s a great way to actually relax with the people at work.

I have a new holiday tie picked out for the occasion. Rudolph’s nose actually glows. Hey, it’s the holiday party. There’s room for some frivolity in the dress code. But I’m drawing the line at antlers.

I even did some homework on holiday party small talk. Mingle all the way.
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A Happy Thanksgiving: Connect By Disconnecting

I hope you’re not reading this blog at the Thanksgiving table. Come on. Don’t you have anything better to do? Like being thankful and being with family?

Okay, maybe you’re not. But I bet you’re tempted to check your email while everyone slips into a tryptophan coma. While you’re at it, why not tweet that funny joke your nephew told at dinner? What’s the harm of seeing how your Facebook friends are enjoying their holiday? Maybe no one will notice or mind, but there’s a real good chance someone’s going to notice and take offense.

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