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5 Productivity Hacks for More Time in Your Business

There is no doubt cloud-based apps help you grow your business successfully and let you provide a better overall experience for your customers.

But as you grow, a tipping point emerges that can make you feel like you are working for your apps — moving data and repeating data entry — instead of having them work for you.

Most independent and home-based businesses now use at least five cloud-based apps, including email, marketing, project management software, online calendars, invoicing and book-keeping, and cloud-based storage services.

This is great when you are starting up: Each cloud app will help you to organize your business operations without having to invest in licensed software. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Be More Productive During Air Travel

I used to love flying. It was an exciting adventure.

Now security-induced lines and weather delays have turned air travel into a nightmare.

But still anytime someone else does the driving, I’m basically happy. It gives me a chance to read or do some work. With a little bit of planning, my airplane seat becomes a mobile office. A bit cramped — but I can still gets things done. Click Here to Read Article …