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Essential Email Tip: Clean Your Inbox Weekly

When was the last time your e-mail inbox was empty?

I can’t remember either. I know the Getting Things Done gurus say it’s an essential step to reaching productive nirvana. But I just can’t reach it.

But look at it. I have less than 20 e-mails stashed in my inbox. The bulk are part of an e-course on content marketing that I subscribed to. And as soon as I’m done with this blog post, I’m reading all of them. Promise.

I confess that this doesn’t happen every day. Who has time for that?
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Inbox 101

Have you ever sat down at your desk and dreaded opening your email inbox, knowing that an endless barrage of tasks waited there, ready to pounce on the things you already had intended to accomplish? If you said yes, you probably need to upgrade your inbox practices. However, you shouldn’t feel guilty. You fit into the mold of about ninety percent of today’s information overloaded workforce. Whether you work from home or in a large corporate environment there is a simple process to help your inbox become a tool for working effectively and productively. This process is sure to improve your output and help you feel much more accomplished in your tasks. Click Here to Read Article …

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