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5 Steps to Help You Bounce Back from Job Rejection

Being rejected for the Perfect Job was painful for Emily. Part of the problem was that once an interview was over, she had a habit of entering an alternate state of being wherein it was impossible for her to keep from imagining how wonderful life would be when she got the phone call and resulting job offer. Job rejection was out of question.

In her mind’s eye, she saw herself at her new desk doing amazing things for the company, all the while winning the admiration and respect of her new colleagues. The awards piled up, and the raises? Those just went without saying. Click Here to Read Article …

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Podcast 19 – From Writer to Entrepreneur: Jen Bilik

This week’s guest on the Work Awesome podcast is Jen Bilik, the founder, CEO and “head honcho” of Knock Knock. Knock Knock makes fun (yet practical) productivity tools, so if you’re new to the world of productivity tools or simply want to make getting stuff done more entertaining, then give Knock Knock a try. I’ve got a few of the file folders they make, and they’ve raised both eyebrows and laughter when they’ve caught attention from my colleagues.

Jen was gracious enough to give me plenty of time to discuss how Knock Knock works, along with her own work habits. The podcast is one of our longer ones, but it really gives you an inside look as to how an idea that may seem off-the-cuff goes from concept to finished product. I think you’ll be as surprised as I was.
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WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 12 – Patrick Rhone

This week’s episode of the WorkAwesome podcast features a “less than minimal” interview with renowned minimalist and talented writer Patrick Rhone. Patrick’s writing covers the landscape of productivity, technology analysis and practical tips, all with a tremendous amount of articulation, thoughtfulness and flair.

Patrick is the writer and curator at Minimal Mac, a website that promotes subjective simplicity to Mac users everywhere. However, Patrick’s philosophy goes beyond the Mac platform alone (although admittedly, it is his platform of choice) and he has taken it to the next level with his new podcast, entitled Enough – The Minimal Mac Podcast.

Patrick and WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy discuss the nature of minimalism (what it is and, more importantly, what it really is), workflow and the crux of the term “enough” as he sees it. Since Patrick is a busy guy, we delve into how he achieves balance in all that he does — both in work and life — and the shift that has been happening for him with the rising success of his writing career. He also mentions some of those that he thinks are doing awesome work with their writing these days. We even talk about email strategies.
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WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 11 – Stephen Smith

This week’s episode of the WorkAwesome podcast features an interview with productivity consultant Stephen Smith. Stephen has been involved in the productivity realm for many years, and his most recent endeavour is the work.life.creativity site, which is described as:

…an open community and are looking forward to hearing new ideas and perspectives. We are not tied to any one system, methodology or answer. We are simply interested in finding solutions that help us get the most out of life. We wish to spend less time “doing” and more time “living”. In our minds, the goal of life is not about doing, it is about being done.

Stephen has also been involved with SOBCon, an annual event “where some of the best minds in the Internet space gather to present models, discuss insights, and determine best practices.” It has been growing every year — in both size and number of occurrences.

WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy discusses with Stephen the various projects he has on the go and how he manages to keep all of these projects alive — and thriving — with a full time job on his plate as well.
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Strategic Customer Service: An Interview with John Goodman

If you ask any chief marketing officer about the importance of “positive word of mouth” for their product or company, they’ll inevitably say “It’s absolutely critical, word of mouth is definitely a top priority for our business.” But, when you follow up with the question “What specifically are you doing to create it, measure it and monitor it?” you’ll get a mixed bag of reactions. Some will have legitimate answers, some will fall back onto vague buzzwords in lieu of a more concrete response, and some will try to convince you that it’s not really something you can measure, study or track at all.
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WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 6 – Karen Brelsford

This week’s podcast features tips on simple ways to get through the holidays and an interview with theatrical artistic director Karen Brelsford.

Karen has been working in theatre for years and WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy discusses with her how she is able to balance her work as well as handle the rigors of working in such a demanding field. Karen shares her insights on how she manages her time in order to deal with multiple productions and how she went from studying tree rings for a living to the world of theatre.
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