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How to Hire an Intern

Hiring an intern for your business should not be a task that is taken lightly—as anyone who has had the intern from hell will tell you. The reason small businesses, like the one I work for, hires interns is to improve our profitability. Interns are free labor.

Besides being cheap, interns are also eager to work and learn and bring a young, vibrant vibe into your office. That is, if you know how to hire an intern correctly. The effort you put in to hiring an intern directly corresponds to your return on investment. Who knows? Perhaps your new intern will end up becoming your next full-time hire.

If you are lucky enough to have interns banging down your door, then your job is easy. If you have to reach out to the local community to find interns, here are some ideas on where to start: Click Here to Read Article …

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3 Great Job Interview Articles

In today’s job market, people are not only changing workplaces more than ever; they are altering their career paths as well. Being confident going into a job interview – either for a better position within your current place of employment or for a new employer altogether – can be a real challenge.  Being prepared, however, is easy if you’ve been keeping tabs on where you are at in your career and where you’d like to be.  It’s all about being proactive even when there may not be an immediate need.

Here are three articles that give you practical advice on how (and how not to) land that next job.

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6 Surefire Ways to Fail at Your Next Interview

In my long tenure of working, I have interviewed at a lot of companies and I have interviewed a lot of candidates for jobs at my own place of work. As well as looking at what you should do when it comes to interviewing for a job, looking at ways that you can fail at your next interview can be an educational experience. This article will give you some pointers on foolproof ways to fail at your next job interview.

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Internal Hiring: How to Be the Right Candidate

You’ve been with your company for a little while now. You’re great at your job but you’re thinking you could use a little more challenge. Or change. Or both. You’ve invested some time with this company and you like the culture, the business, and the benefit plan. But there’s still something missing. You don’t want to leave and start again at a new company, so what are your options?

You can settle and just keep doing the same job, hoping for opportunities to pop up to stimulate you or your career, or you can be proactive, and look at other departments and try working with them. This gets you the benefit of starting a new job with the security of staying within a company that you already love. No, this isn’t the same as dating your ex-wife’s sister just because you love the family – that’s a different article altogether. This is more like finding the right fit for you and your development. Maybe a better (or worse) analogy is thinking that any piece of the jigsaw can be made to fit – but it might not look quite right, and it’s usually not that good for the puzzle, especially the puzzle piece. If you know you aren’t fitting in quite right, it’s your responsibility to find where you belong.

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The Search for an Awesome Candidate

Once upon a time, hiring decisions were made by an elite few at a company. But in today’s team-based corporate world, more and more people are being included in the hiring process to read resumes and interview candidates. When you get pulled into this world, it can either be a fun break from your work that results in getting a great teammate or it can be an utter nightmare that never ends…because you hired the wrong person.

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