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Be Self-Employed & Smart: Know Your Insurance Options

Insurance options

Congratulations! You are one of the estimated 42 million Americans who has managed to escape the corporate treadmill and have found success in a partnership or sole proprietorship, or perhaps even as a contractor or freelancer.  You’ve found that there are plenty of perks being your own boss and having more control of your day-to-day duties when you are self-employed. You are also likely able to spend more quality time with your spouse and family members.

But you also realize there are some slight disadvantages in the situation. For one, you are the one ultimately responsible for your own successes and failures. Not only that, but you also recognize you are very likely taking on some additional financial responsibilities that may have previously been covered by a previous employer – many of which fall outside your standard office expenses. I’m talking about things like knowing all your insurance options such as retirement/401k options, health insurance, and life insurance. Click Here to Read Article …

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What You Must Know Before You Invest in Life Insurance

Editor’s Note: Information contributed by Genworth Financial.

My husband and I have just had our first child. All of a sudden we find ourselves catapulted into the unknown, from the micro to the macro. Everything is new to us from the diapers, to the (lack of) sleep schedule, to the re-budgeting of our expenses.

We find ourselves thinking about finances a lot more than we used to. And it has occurred to me that one of the benefits of being together for a long time is that our finances have had time to knit themselves together. Sometimes, I rhetorically think to myself that falling in love might be easier than deciding on things like joint bank accounts – although that is debatable. Click Here to Read Article …