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The Guru

We’ve discussed corporate speak and touched on buzzwords in the past here at WorkAwesome, but haven’t been able to provide you with a full demonstration of them being put to practice.

That is, until now.

This guy seems to have them all down…

(Video courtesy of TVO’s Search Engine with Jesse Brown.)
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Keyword Research for Sales and Business

First, a word of warning. This isn’t a keyword research primer for hardcore internet marketers. This is for the rest of us. Most of this will be familiar to anyone seriously involved in internet marketing, but even the most basic keyword research concepts are unfamiliar to 95% of the population.

There are two main ways of making offers for your company’s products or services. You can use your experience to intuit what your customers want, or you can do actual market research. The usual tools for conducting market research are polls and focus groups. Unfortunately, these can be loaded methodologies, since polling makes it hard to avoid positing leading questions and answers, and focus groups tend to generate self-conscious feedback that’s not representative to real-world customers. Both approaches elicit reactive information.

So how can we find out what’s on customers’ minds without asking them? Welcome to the wonderful world of keyword research.

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