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6 Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Office

There are lots of things that businesses can do to reduce the carbon footprint that they stamp on the environment. Here are six top tips to make any office more eco-friendly.

1. Go Green

Green isn’t just the colour of money; you can buy green too!

As well as recycling used materials it is also important that you buy back recycled products to complete the recycling life cycle. What is the point in separating papers from plastics if you then go on to buy new products that are made from raw materials? Click Here to Read Article …

The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Using Paper Stationery

I’m a digital nomad. I love using computers. I worked as online editor for newspapers. I am so online that my filing cabinets are practically empty.

So going paperless should be a no brainer. Although I don’t hug trees, I don’t mind saving a few. But after looking through my messenger bag, I realize that it’s harder to do when you work out of the home office. If I stay sequestered at home every day without meeting anyone, I can go paperless fairly easily. Once I step out, things get trickier than they do at home, and at least some paper stationery becomes necessary. Click Here to Read Article …

The Complete Guide to Going Paperless

No, I won’t start with the hackneyed remarks like “you need to save environment”, “go green” and all. Let’s just forget the environment for a moment and think about ourselves. Going paperless actually makes you more productive.

Just think about the times when you spent hours trying to find that one super-important note in the huge pile of documents, notes, files and what not. Had that note been stored somewhere on your computer, it would have taken seconds to locate it, isn’t it.

This article explores various aspects of going paperless; why you need to do it, what tools could help you do that and the process to follow. People working at big corporations might not be able to go paperless completely, because companies have their own rules on use of resources. But, I suggest them to read it nevertheless. Click Here to Read Article …

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