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3 Tactics for Battling Procrastination

I’m honored that you’re reading this. Even if you’re here because you’re avoiding doing that other thing. You know — the thing that has been on your to-do list for a couple days.

Why don’t I mind being used for procrastination? Well, basically, procrastination is a reward for not doing something unpleasant. Like work. So you’re saying my post is a reward…something pleasant.

Like I said, I’m honored.
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How to Improve Productivity Despite the Threats

Improve Productivity

As time becomes more and more scarce, learning how to improve productivity and stay on top of your work becomes essential in order to lead a balanced life. As we take on more responsibility at work and in our personal lives, we demand more from ourselves but we don’t seem to link the importance of learning skills that assist us with staying as productive as we need to.

Considering all you have to do and would like to do, how productive are you right now? Do you have the feeling that you can achieve more than you currently do, but you just don’t know how? Sometimes we may feel that we are not being as productive as we can but we are just not sure why.  You may be making the biggest productivity mistakes and you don’t even know it! Click Here to Read Article …

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Beat Procrastination With a Stopwatch

I have been experimenting with a new strategy for combatting procrastination and it seems to be working! It’s nothing so genius; it’s actually a very simple idea — which might explain why it has proved effective.

I started using a stopwatch.
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Awesome Links #31: iCal Tricks, Internal Clock, Merits of Yoga

Where can you catch up on some great iCal tricks, get attuned to your own internal clock and learn when procrastination is a good thing?

This week’s Awesome Links, that’s where.
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Book Review: Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More

David Allen is known as the GTD Guy. Stever Robbins is known as the GID Guy. Both offer great insights on productivity using very different approaches. Both are also published authors, and Robbins’ latest book, Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More, hit bookstores a few weeks back. The book is a fairly light read, yet brimming with tips and information that are sprinkled with Robbins’ signature humor and style.
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Are You Rewarding Yourself through Procrastination?

What if I told you that every time you procrastinate you are actually rewarding yourself?

It’s true.

When you procrastinate you are not only rewarding yourself with each choice to do something else — but when you end up pulling off that all-nighter it rewards your behavior as well. But how? Click Here to Read Article …

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Do You Have Low Frustration Tolerance?

Psychologist Albert Ellis developed the concept of “Low Frustration Tolerance” (LFT) as part of a greater theory on procrastination as it relates to cognitive behavior.

LFT is a peculiar form of self-defeating behavior. By habitually avoiding short-term frustrations, unaddressed issues and unfinished work grow into much bigger, much more stressful problems. As a sufferer of LFT continues to dodge small, tedious tasks, they inadvertently grow them into large, dreadful problems. Once the problems are bigger, the aversion to the work is greater, building an ever-growing mountain of work to be done (and an ever-growing mountain of stress to match).

Low Frustration Tolerance (LFT)

  • Seeking immediate pleasure or avoidance of pain at the cost of long-term stress and defeatism.
  • Short-term psychological hedonism.
  • (Albert Ellis also jokingly called it “can’t-stand-it-itis,” as in “I just can’t stand it!”)
  • High Frustration Tolerance (HFT), on the other hand, is a much better trait for productivity, not to mention mental health. Those with HFT can tolerate the frustration-filled tasks required to do their work and meet their long-term goals. While they’re not delighted with the short-term tedium, they have much bigger things to be happy about in the end.

    What is your frustration tolerance? Have you run into “can’t-stand-it-itis” at work? Click Here to Read Article …

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