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How to Create More Time in Your Week for Yourself

It can seem that your days are packed full, especially if you are working full time. The thought of time to yourself can sometimes seem impossible, however with a little creativity and planning there are ways that you can carve out extra time in your day. Here are a few that I have found:
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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Weekend

Hopefully you’re reading this post over a coffee on Monday morning after a perfect weekend.  Your batteries are fully charged and you’re feeling ready to conquer the world this week.  You’re well rested, invigorated, and able to tackle whatever the week brings you.

No?  Doesn’t sound quite like you?  Maybe you’re like the rest of us, stuffing the weekend so full of activities that you need to go back to work just to get a rest.  Here are a few quick tips that you can use to help get you ready to go back to work on Monday. Click Here to Read Article …