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Working Like A Great Chef

A good chef can make great meals out of top-shelf ingredients. But great chefs turn average, ordinary produce into delicious dishes. Anyone can throw a filet mignon on the grill and end up with a great meal; the challenge lies in who can impress their customer with the less-prized cuts; the blade steak, the shoulder steak or the rump roast.

Are you the type that needs the very best resources to produce great work? Or, are you the kind that can turn limited, low-cost resources into a fantastic end product?

Great work is easily done with a big budget, the best technology, and a generous timeline stretched out in front of you. But, are you the “Jack-of-all-trades” that can maintain the same quality of work under more pressing conditions? If so, consider your work truly great. Click Here to Read Article …

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Raising the Bar in Rain or Shine

Modern office life ranges from very boring to oh-my-god-the-sky-is-falling-and-my-hair-is-always-on-fire. Both are imperfect. When you are bored, you can waste time on the internet while worrying about how secure your job really is. When you are over-worked, you’re exhausted and unhappy while worrying about whether others perceive your hectic days as a loss of control on your part.

Both are undesirable. And both demand that you raise the bar.

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