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How to Balance it All: A Guide for Working Moms

Working Moms

Have you come across the burden of balancing it all as a working mom? I am referring to the burden and guilt trip we give ourselves each day over our attempt and quite often failure to balance all aspects (working mom, caretaker, professional, student, friend etc.) of our lives.  I call it the Balance Burden and, truly, I spent my first year- and- a -half of motherhood often riddled with guilt because I couldn’t seem to juggle it all.

It wasn’t until the birth of my second daughter (18 months after my first) that I finally threw my hands up and admitted defeat.  With the slow realization and acceptance that balance was unattainable came a sudden relief, and the mommy baggage was quickly lifted off my five- foot, two- inch frame.  Click Here to Read Article …

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A Mobile Lifestyle for a Smoother Work Life

Manage Work Life Better

The commute is killing you, the caffeine has you on edge and the shirt and tie is getting you hot under the collar. And that’s before we even mention the workload.

Modern life is a demanding beast and if you’re looking to manage your work life better, there’s one thing you need: Mobile broadband.

So how does a little thing like a dongle or a smartphone solve all of that? Remember when you used to stand in line for your morning coffee and look at the girl with headphones, her laptop and mug and think “she’s not really working”? Maybe there was a time she wasn’t, but today you can bet that she is working in an environment she likes. Click Here to Read Article …

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