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Don’t Be A Walrus: Why You Should Stand Out

There are many pitfalls in business. This article isn’t about the weak financials, poor sales or lack of marketing. It’s more about finding yourself and where you are leading your company.

The other night, I was watching a segment on the mighty Walrus broadcasting on the Discovery channel.  I watched as groups of walrus floated along the shore flopping all over each other. Tusks stabbing at their neighbors as they pushed and shoved around trying to find a place to rest. Huge fat bodies just lying all over one another – none of them really getting to a comfortable spot.
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See More Green at Work to Grow Your Career

Of course you care for the environment. You want to preserve the air and water for future generations. And remember the polar bears. So what you do today to reduce your company’s environmental impact will help save the world.

Did you buy any of that? Maybe just a little. But it’s not enough to get you on board the green bandwagon. You’re looking for something a little more tangible and short term. You’re in luck. There is something in it for you and the polar bears.

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