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How Do You Get Energized?

It’s three in the afternoon. You’re tired, lethargic and ready to call it quits. Although you may be tempted to slump in your chair and let your eyes roll back in your head, you try to stay awake. After all, this isn’t the first time you’ve encountered the afternoon blahs. By now you’ve probably discovered a few pick-me-ups to help you stay productive during times like these.

For some, a quick walk around the block is all it takes. Other people get energized by checking out their favorite blogs or listening to music. A steaming cup of coffee or a lively chat by the water cooler are other standbys.

So what’s your favorite pick-me-up? How do you get a quick jolt of positive energy? Click Here to Read Article …

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4 Simple Steps for Letting Go of Stress

We’re always on our way somewhere else. We hustle to get to work. Once we’re at work, we make mental to-do lists for chores we have to get done at home. When we make it back home, we’re often too exhausted to spend much time finishing up that to-do list. Instead, we mull over all the big projects coming up at work. The habit of constantly looking ahead to the next thing becomes a cycle of worry and stress that prevents us from appreciating the only thing we really have control over: the present moment.

Focusing on the present moment is the key for letting go of stress you’ve been carrying around. Instead of worrying about everything in your life, you can zone in on the task at hand. And often that task is a lot simpler than you may have thought. Once you get absorbed in what you’re doing, work can feel so much more satisfying. Instead of resisting and struggling, you become engaged, alert and involved.

Here are a few simple tips to help you find that sense of focus and increase your present moment awareness. Click Here to Read Article …

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Mixing Twitter and Work

Twitter. It’s a great escape.

It’s overflowing with helpful resources and links. It gives you an inside look at the latest trends and enables you to connect with authors, celebrities and industry professionals you once could only admire from afar. What’s not to love?

The allure of Twitter is getting harder and harder to overlook, but many workers are still hesitant to fully participate. Social media is often viewed as a distraction in the workplace. Making your tweets public is like giving your boss a minute-by-minute record of your distraction level. Do you really want to chance using Twitter at work?

Besides the whole not-working-at-work stigma, Twitter can potentially lead to other problems as well. Although you may try hard to keep your tweets professional and clean, you never know how someone else might interpret them. What you think is smart and funny may be a total turn-off to someone else. Self-employed workers must be careful to avoid offending potential clients as well. There’s a certain level of risk to be sure. You have to find a way to be smart about it.

So how do you handle Twitter in the workplace? Do you tweet at work? Do you choose to keep your profile private? Or do you think these concerns are not really that big a deal? Click Here to Read Article …

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Boredom Busters

Now that it’s summer, you can hear kids around the world complaining, “I’m bored!” Do you ever feel that way at work? It’s way worse than the kind of boredom you experienced as a kid. A boring job can make you feel trapped, jaded, and constantly frustrated. It’s pure torture. There’s nothing worse than looking at your to-do list and feeling totally unmotivated to do a single thing.
Have you ever worked in a job that was so boring you felt your mind go numb? How did you deal with it? Do you have any boredom busters to give to someone struggling with this issue?

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10 Ways to Liven Up Your Lunch Hour

Never underestimate the power of a satisfying lunch hour. It can improve your overall job satisfaction and your work performance. Plus, making time for a little R&R will help you become a better co-worker. No one wants to work with Mr. McGrumpy. People want to connect with you on a personal level, and having fun excursions to talk about will make you more approachable and help you bond with your co-workers.

Shaking up your routine can also be an amazing source of energy and inspiration. If you are stuck in the middle of a big project, you may unknowingly adopt self-imposed limits and lose your creative edge. Taking a break can give you fresh eyes. Those lightning bolt ideas often strike when you’re busy doing something non-work related. So step away from your desk and take time for you. You’ll be grateful you did. Here are ten ideas to get you started. Click Here to Read Article …

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Toxic Coworkers: Dealing with Debbie Downers

When I started an internship at a small nonprofit in the National Press Building, I thought I was on my way up to journalist heaven. I was ready to learn. I was ready to give it my all. But I wasn’t ready to work with Debbie Downer.

Debbie Downer loved to gripe. She could suck all the air out of the room. The worst was when I had to ride the elevator with her. There was no escape. I had to stand there and listen to her go on and on. Click Here to Read Article …

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Find Your Inner Zen at Work

You may have tasted Nirvana at last night’s yoga class, but by 9 A.M. the next day you’re as tense as ever. If only there was a way to experience that kind of renewal and relaxation throughout the work day.

The good news is that you can. Try these yoga-inspired strategies to help transform your work day into a more positive experience. Click Here to Read Article …

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