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Workspace Before + After Competition – The Winners!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Workspace Before + After Competition closed to entries…and the winners have now been chosen! Each of them presented us with a photo of their workspace before the transformation and after, and suffice to say, the “after shots” definitely show a marked improvement over the “before” ones. Each of the winners made different types of changes — some big and some small. Our hope is that any of the changes will result in more awesome work coming from our winners.

Each of the winners will receive 200 business cards from MOO. Below is each of the winners’ photos — along with a brief description of what makes their “new-look workspace” far more awesome than their old one.

1. Kevin Wammer

“Thanks to your blogpost I finally decided to clean up my desk. Since it is in my bedroom I usually throw my sweatshirts on it. I decided to close my Macbook and to use only the larger screen. I threw away a couple of magazines and sorted my books (…and yes, those are Envato books!).”

“I still have to find a way how to make it even more minimalistic but I finally took the time to clean this mess. (By the way, it took me two cups of coffee to get through this…) I didn’t change much but I think it looks clean enough.”

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Workspace Before + After Competition – Your Last Chance to Enter

Earlier in the week we let you know about the chance to win a set of 200 gorgeous MOO business cards as part of our Workspace Before + After Competition. To enter, all you need to do is give your workspace a bit of TLC, whether that’s by cleaning it from top to bottom, or making it beautiful. Entries close on the 17th of March so make sure to submit your photos as soon as possible.

Lastly, I’ll let you in on a little secret: if you enter, the odds of winning a set of business cards are very, very good!

Workspace Before + After Competition – 200 MOO Business Cards for 5 Winners!

Does your workspace need a lift? Is it messy and cluttered, lacking personality, or have you had the same decorations in the same places since 2005? It’s time for something different!

The WorkAwesome + MOO Workspace Before and After Competition challenges you to give your workspace a makeover. Will you create a sleek minimalist setup? Clean away years of detritus? Give your workspace a theme? Cover your desk with cherished photos? Display your collection of Star Wars action figures? Or will you do something nobody else has ever thought of?

To enter, take a photo of your workspace Before the makeover. Then, create a workspace you truly love. Next, take an After picture to show us the complete transformation. Our five favorite transformations will win 200 crisp new business cards from MOO. Click Here to Read Article …

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WorkAwesome Wins UK Design Award!

We’re pleased to announce that WorkAwesome has been selected as the winner of the UK Design Award for March 2011. The UK Design Awards select their website of the month based on a number of factors, notably the design and execution of the site.

A few months ago, our website design was called “enchanting” by Guy Kawasaki (who knows something about enchantment; he’s recently written a book on the subject). We’re happy to see that he’s not the only one!

Here’s what the UDA had to say about WorkAwesome:

Work Awesome is an online resource for people who want to improve at work. Packed with useful articles on how to improve your work productivity, the site caters for a wide range of industries. As well as providing essential gems of information, the site is designed in an incredibly user friendly way, allowing users to navigate easily and find the right info for them. A more than worthy winner!

We’d like to thank the UDA for their consideration. A big thanks also goes out to the design team at Envato who helped put the design of the site together, to all of our contributors who augment the design with great content and to all of our readers — you’re who we’re doing it for!

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6 Reasons to Advertise on WorkAwesome

  1. WorkAwesome attracts an audience of professionals and decision-makers working for respected companies. They’re willing to invest in themselves and their career and purchase tools and services to benefit their company or business. Plus, they are unusually charming and witty.
  2. At $1.95 per 1,000 views, the leaderboard banner at the top of the site (look, up there!) is ready and waiting to begin marketing your product or service.
  3. Because our sidebar has a spot reserved just for your product, and it’s yours for a month.
  4. We will say nice things about you to our 1,100+ Facebook fans, 10,000+ Twitter followers, and thousands of podcast listeners. Shouting from the rooftops costs extra.
  5. You’ll be joining a high-caliber group of past and present advertisers, like Moo.com and MediaTemple.
  6. Because WorkAwesome really is awesome, and needs a little more help to cover its costs.

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New from Rockable Press: Get Going with Google AdWords

This week Rockable Press launched its latest eBook, Get Going with Google AdWords by author Chandler Nguyen and we couldn’t be more excited!

This book is designed with the beginner in mind, introducing you to the world of Google AdWords. Once you start to get a handle on them, you’ll be bidding on keywords that will help push your site higher in the Google rankings — without all of the time it usually takes for that to happen organically.

Nguyen has put together an “easy to grasp” guide on what AdWords are, what using them can do to give your site that added exposure and how to get started using them right away.
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Advertiser Accolades

While our readership (and now, listenership) are the two main reasons we deliver quality content here at WorkAwesome on a regular basis, we’d like to take the time to give our appreciation to our advertisers. Without them we’d have a harder time bringing you the articles, tips, tricks and interviews that we do.
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Announcing The WorkAwesome Podcast

Today marks the launch of our latest enhancement to the WorkAwesome site: the WorkAwesome podcast.

This weekly podcast will feature tips and tricks, motivation and inspiration, reviews and interviews – and much more. Hosted by yours truly, WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy, the aim of the podcast is to bring you some of the things we’re doing at WorkAwesome in a different context – and with additional content to boot. Click Here to Read Article …

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