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Is Your Career Going Backwards? Reexamine Your Career Options

You work hard to advance your career, either sticking with one company and climbing the corporate ladder or moving from one company to another.  With each move you aim for more challenge, responsibility and more money in your pocket.

What happens however when you find your career advancement has stalled – or gone backwards?

Sometimes your career can go backwards through no fault of your own.  Your company has a major restructure (or two or three) and suddenly you find your role is not what it used to be.  Somewhere along the line, though your position title reads the same, your responsibilities have been significantly downgraded.  Though your workload may have actually increased, you find yourself filling your day with a variety of mundane tasks.

Suddenly it dawns on you that you cannot remember the last time you learned something new in your current position.  It’s official – you’re stuck in a rut.

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