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Blog Coverage Tips For Small Business Owners

Getting coverage from blogs for your business or product isn’t easy. Bloggers get too many pitches nowadays and there is every chance of your pitch getting ignored even if your product is a genuine fit for the readers.

If you are a small business owner looking for some online press, you should read this guide on blog coverage. Written by Lisa Barone on the Small Business Trends blog, the article has useful tips on things to follow and avoid while pitching bloggers.

My personal favorite is the second point about creating relationships. As a blogger, I would always respond to those who cared to strike a conversation with me first instead of sending a blind pitch. Building relationships and rapport should always come first.

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3 Perspectives on Marketing a New Business through Blogging

Blogging is the new marketing. It’s a cost effective way to grow your business by attracting new customers and communicating with your existing customer base with new marketing ideas. Three business bloggers share their advice on marketing a new business with blogs:

Why A Blog Won’t Help Your Business

Rich Brooks explains that a blog is just a tool and you need to use it properly to benefit your business. It’s a great discussion of how to develop a blog strategy.

A Simple Blogging Formula

Chris Brogan outlines some pretty simple steps to creating  consistent blog entries that attract traffic to your website.

5 Reasons Why You Should Respond to Every Comment

Pat Flynn makes the argument that you should answer every comment on your blog with a comment. It makes sense until you start to actually spend the time doing it. Are you ready to make this kind of commitment?

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