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Data Backup and Sync Strategies #4: Mobile Backup and Sync

Considering the fact that our cellphones have become our secondary computers (or primary for many) and hold important personal information, keeping a backup of the data is essential. And losing a mobile phone is easier than losing a computer. So mobile backup and mobile sync have become more important.

I have categorized the tools under popular cellphone operating systems, and also have a section for tools that work universally on all phones. Click Here to Read Article …

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Rebtel Offers Free Android-to-Android International Calls

Android users can rejoice. Rebtel, an Android app, lets them make international Android-to-Android calls for free.

This tool, which I came across on TechCrunch, looks to be a promising one. Based on Skype’s concept, it lets Android users save a significant amount on all kinds of calls. And for international Android-to-Android calls – though some local call charges might be applicable – the international call rates won’t be charged.

More than 50 countries are included…and you don’t need Wi-Fi to make the calls. You could do it using the same cellular network.

So, if you are an Android phone user, tell us – would you ditch the popular Skype app for Rebtel? Click Here to Read Article …

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