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5 Ways Freelancers Can Deal With Isolation

working alone

Freelancers don’t have to drop coins into the office coffee fund or attend largely pointless meetings.

Many of us can work in a library or a coffee shop, or on our backyard deck, where the only sound is chickadees or mourning doves.

But as nice as these things are, they can cause loneliness and isolation.

For some, this might mean a long day before the significant other comes home; for others, a feeling of just not being connected.

Sometimes this can mean feeling like freelancing isn’t “real” work or that one is cut off from the industry (accounting, graphic design, writing) at large.

So, here are some ways to cope if you’re feeling isolated in a bad way, rather than free in a good way. Click Here to Read Article …

Do You Get More Done Working Alone or Around Others?

The idea of working all alone seems pretty tempting: nothing to distract your thinking process, no stress from the jerk on the cell phone.  Just quiet.

Too quiet.

Sometimes my mind gets distracted by the silence – I find myself wondering where everyone is.  So, like some other people who work from home I put on the television.  Sometimes that does the trick, but at other times I just really wish there were some people around.  Not co-workers, not people I know, but just (quiet) people as background noise.  I worked from a café the other day and I got so many things done, so many ideas just popped up in my mind.  The ambient noise was a catalyst of sorts.

What about you? Are you more productive at home, working alone, or when you’re around others? Click Here to Read Article …

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