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Awesome Links #16: Self-Confidence, Single-tasking, Gmail Tips

63 Ways to Build Self-Confidence

The Lifehack blog talks about various ways (in fact, 63 of them) in which one could build his self confidence. Nice information with some unique tips.

Setting Goals to Succeed: Lessons from a Freelance Classical Musician

Marion Harrington gives an account of how he successfully relaunched his classical music career by setting goals the right way, on our sister site Freelance Switch. Click Here to Read Article …

6 Natural Energy Foods to Revive Yourself at Work

Have you ever been so tired at work that you fell asleep at your desk? You put your head down for just a minute and, well, you wake up with drool all over the report you were working on. Not only does sleeping at your desk look bad, it can be gross (hello, drool!)

Most of us don’t have the luxury of shutting our office door and taking a cat nap during the day. And sleeping more at night might not be the solution. If you’re like me you have a stash of natural energy foods by your desk in case you need to fight off a growling stomach. Here is a list of foods that give you energy, fill you up,  and keep you alert and functioning at the same time. Click Here to Read Article …

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Smart Goal Setting: The Importance of Setting Realistic Goals

I once worked for a boss who wanted us to assign a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG) to every project and proposal. When we created a site for small business owners, it was supposed to be “The top visited site for small business owners looking for solutions to their problems.”

We never got close. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Find the Work You Love

Finding work we enjoy is vital for our well being. After all most of us spend a fair portion of our week engaged in work. So how do we find work that we love? Here are some practical tips that I have found useful in my own life and when working with coaching clients. Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Tips for Remembering and Organizing Ideas

If you are someone who never runs out of new ideas but has a hard time organizing ideas and keeping track of them, here are five quick tips to help you preserve those random ideas you seem to get every other day. Click Here to Read Article …

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“On Second Thought” Takes a Second Look at Our Thinking Process

Regardless of industry, experience or pay-grade, all of our work ultimately consists of a long series of decisions. The thinking process behind them involves either careful, deliberate calculation or the use of instincts, impulses, and “following your gut.” In the workplace, terms like “Jack-of-all-trades,” “wearing many hats” and “thinking on your feet” bring to mind images of multitasking, prioritizing and decisive action. Click Here to Read Article …

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Thinking with your gut is a heuristic approach to decision making that would work best for

Fun Links: Unmotivational Posters, Dilbert, The Oatmeal

There are times when we need to a take a little break to be more productive, but some of us feel guilty straying too far from our work. But sometimes taking a break to check out that latest Garfield cartoon ends up being just the thing that gets us back on track.

Here are some links that you can dive into that will hopefully ease your guilt – thanks to their work “related-ish” subject matter.  They may just put a smile on your face, too. Click Here to Read Article …

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Blindwriting: A Freer Approach to Freewriting

Writing is hard when you try to create and criticize at the same time. But while composing that first draft, it’s difficult to resist the urge to edit too early. You reread the previous sentence and notice something – a dangling modifier, a weak verb, a careless typo – then it’s too late. You’re criticizing what you’ve written. And when the inner critic takes over, the writer is blocked.

To help writers escape the inner critic, writing gurus have preached the power of freewriting. The idea is that if you write fast enough, you won’t have time to look back and criticize what you’ve written. Click Here to Read Article …

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