Awesome Links #16: Self-Confidence, Single-tasking, Gmail Tips

63 Ways to Build Self-Confidence

The Lifehack blog talks about various ways (in fact, 63 of them) in which one could build his self confidence. Nice information with some unique tips.

Setting Goals to Succeed: Lessons from a Freelance Classical Musician

Marion Harrington gives an account of how he successfully relaunched his classical music career by setting goals the right way, on our sister site Freelance Switch.

A Case for Singletasking: The One-Task-At-a-Time Method

Lifehacker talks about the benefits of single-tasking and how to use it to get things done.

10 Dead Simple Gmail Tips, Tricks & Shortcut

Mashable has got a list of cool Gmail tips and tricks, most of which you might not know about.

What it means when you say “literally”

And finally, we’ve got The Oatmeal explaining what “literally” means and when you should use it. Funny as hell, as usual. 🙂

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