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13 Ways the New Facebook Timeline Will Help Your Business

Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire owner of everybody’s favorite social network, has been tweaking Facebook’s appearance again. In recent months, users have been steadily migrated to the new Facebook Timeline style profile. At first, the change only affected personal users but, on March 30, 2012, every registered user of Facebook will sport the new design. That includes businesses.

Historically, changes to Facebook are met with a whole spectrum of emotions ranging from utter glee to downright despair. Virtually every change has led to people setting up groups lamenting the new style. “Give us back our old Facebook”, they shout; interestingly, it’s probably the same people who months later are shouting about the next change. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Get Started as a New Manager

New manager

Congratulations on your promotion, by the way. As a new manager, you’re probably jazzed about the raise, the fancy new job title, and having an extra bit of authority within the organization. Considering your awesome work ethic, extensive experience, and great attitude, you earned it!

But what do you do now? Transitioning from individual contributor to manager isn’t easy for everyone. To help you out, I spoke with a few new managers and an executive coach to get their top tips for first-time managers.
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Should I Outsource? To Be Or Not To Be Outsourcing


There’s a half-joke that trolls round my office: “You cannot do it? Outsource it to the guy next to you!” Well, I agree, this doesn’t quite mean outsourcing but rather passing the buck, yet it works like charm at times!

To state things straight, it’s a world of interaction we live in and businesses often need to outsource tasks that can be done cheaper and better by specialized third parties. How to know if outsourcing is a go for your business?

This is quite a delicate matter, even though almost every company or professional has experienced outsourcing at some point, especially when starting up. Some businesses choose to outsource narrow processes such as billing, while others externalize large sections (customer service is among the most common task here). Click Here to Read Article …

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Is Your Workplace Ready for Interconnectedness?

The world has changed. Disruptive technology and globalization has created an increasingly interconnectedness and a complex business environment. More than ever, business is a team sport that leverages technology to cross borders and time zones.

At the same time, resources are stretched from downsizing and the struggling economy. Business issues are more complex than they were just a few short years ago. Employees are expected to do more with less and employers are faced with pressure to maintain a fit balance sheet, attract and retain top talent, and foster a strong corporate culture. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Pick a Career That’s the Right Fit

How much do you like your current job? Is it stimulating and satisfying career or is it just a. . .  job?

During this economic climate the last thing you want to do is waste time in a position that isn’t right for you when you can be developing skills for a better one. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to do, you may be stuck in the wrong place. Let’s explore how to pick a career that’s your true match.

When trying to determine your career path, consider your strengths. You are likely to excel in areas that you have a natural talent for. At this time you may not be too familiar with your strengths, as far as work is concerned. Click Here to Read Article …

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Giveaway: Bring Your Resume to Life with $109 Resume Design Vouchers

Hello there!

Tired of your dull, boring MS Word resume? Is the B&W colour sucking the soul out of the most important document of your whole career?

Lucky for you, it’s giveaway time at WorkAwesome!

Loft Resumes, a creative resume design service, is throwing a cool giveaway. Three (3) of you will each get a free resume makeover. Catch the attention of busy employers with awesome professional designs at Loft Resumes, who recently got featured in the Fast Company Design. How good is that? Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur with the Right Mindset

Successful Entrepreneur

Throughout my career I have met many different entrepreneurs starting out who have great ideas and visions for their company. They have all the right ingredients that make a successful entrepreneur: They know who their target market is, their problems and the solutions they seek, they know how to reach them and they have a sure-win marketing strategy to get them going. The complete package, almost.

However, some of these entrepreneurs don’t have the right mindset when starting out and this has a direct affect on their success.  So how do you ensure you have a mindset geared for success? Click Here to Read Article …

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Asking for a Raise & Getting One

Asking for a raise

Is it time to reap more financial rewards for all that hard work you’ve been putting in? At some point in your career, you will be asking for a raise (a promotion or a better benefits package). That time could be now.

You may be sure that you deserve that perfect raise, but how do you approach your employer? What do you say, and how do you say it?

The ground rules for asking for a raise are basically the same as those for negotiating any deal. Here are some tried-and-true tips: Click Here to Read Article …

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