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Relocation: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Sanity

I unpacked my final box and plopped down on the couch. Wiping away the sweat from my brow, I looked around my new apartment and out the window to my view of the water. I had been anticipating my relocation and move from my parents’ house to an apartment in New York City for ages, but when the time arrived and I had finally settled in, I was struck with one poignant thought: I am hungry, but I don’t know where to eat.

This may seem silly or inconsequential, but it was representative of a much larger challenge that I faced in the first few weeks following my relocation. Finding a routine — where to eat, shop, do my laundry, etc. — would become of great importance, as would establishing a new group of friends and overcoming the myriad logistical hurdles that come with moving to a new city. The relocation process can be a maelstrom of frustrations, especially if you are also changing jobs, but keeping a cool head and making a plan can help you transcend the more difficult moments. Click Here to Read Article …

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