Giveaway $500 in Brand Design Gift Vouchers to Make Your Site Look Professional

Giveaway $500 in Brand Design Gift Vouchers to Make Your Site Look Professional


Miguel here from With New Year, come new perspectives, new aspirations. And hey, new business collateral and brand design!

Here’s a simple contest that will make your website, business cards, presentations – or wherever you stamp your brand – say out loud: Yes, You Are Dealing With a Professional.


Leave a comment below telling us: What is your biggest challenge in gaining credibility for your small business practice or website?

The Giveaway

Five fortunate WorkAwesome fans will receive a 100% FREE gift voucher to order a premium (Enterprise Package) customised BrandPhoto: a photorealistic render of your logo or brand’s name that will establish trust and credibility in that critical first impression. (See examples here)

The Timeline

The giveaway will be open for two weeks. Closes February 1, Wednesday.
Write your comment now so you can forget about it – and hopefully receive a nice surprise later on!

The Prize

Each of the five winners will receive a voucher worth $99 they can use to order a Business package BrandPhoto any time before end of 2011.

Terms and Conditions

  • This giveaway is not open to, or employees.
  • You may only enter once. Anyone submitting more than once will be disqualified.
  • Make sure you enter a valid email address. If you win, this will be our medium to contact you.
  • You must be of legal age in the jurisdiction that you reside to enter.
  • [Optional] Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Open to any country on planet Earth.
  • Response required within 7 days of first notice of a win. If we don’t hear from you, the prize will go to the next deserving entry.

Ready? Scroll down and post your comment! Last day of entering is February 1, Wednesday.


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Miguel L. Mayher is the co-founder of BrandPhoto, which you can add to your website´s AboutUs or Homepage to make your business look professional, raising your credibility. He is an avid reader and an enthusiastic results-oriented marketer.


  1. Andre Flores on the 18th January

    The biggest challenge in gaining credibility for my company is that as recent graduates, our work are mainly comprised of school portfolio work. Some companies look for portfolio pieces done for past paying clients which we don’t currently have much of. There are some that give us a chance to prove that they are not making a mistake but there just some companies who doesn’t want to take the chance.

  2. thinkdj on the 18th January

    One of the biggest challenges in gaining credibility is attaining critical mass. Unless we have a decent number of Fans or Followers, there exists a lethargy to fan/follow a company profile.

  3. Petr on the 18th January

    Biggest challenges? To be the no.1 server in the beer community of Czech Republic. We are growing pretty fast, but it takes a some time. To be no. 1 you need to be professional, be yourself, be active and keep the good job doing all the time.

  4. Joe Sterne on the 18th January

    Looking “legit”.

  5. Michael Cabelin on the 18th January

    I would have added my website, but way behind the eight ball in terms of personal and professional branding. This voucher would go a long way towards establishing my “brand”!

  6. MoneyforCollegePro on the 18th January

    My biggest challenge is helping people understand that my work is qualified, and that as a trained professional, we are qualified to answer my clients questions.

  7. Paul W. on the 18th January

    The biggest challenge I have with gaining credibility with my website is that I don’t really have one… working on it currently and a cool BrandPhoto will help!

  8. Stevi S. on the 18th January

    The biggest challenge in gaining credibility for my company is that I do not have a professional (enough) looking website, at the moment it is simply a blog and does not have a nice looking portfolio to show off past work in a clean and professional way.

  9. MicheleB on the 18th January

    The biggest challenge is gaining authority as an expert in the field. Your name and brand are essential components of your overall reputation.

  10. Jason R on the 18th January

    My biggest challenge is educating others. I am a coworking catalyst and it seems like so few people in my city understand what coworking is and how it would benefit their business.

  11. Kev on the 18th January

    Biggest challenge gaining credibility? Not enough time to commit to building relationships, making contacts, networking, etc. (as this is a side gig).

  12. Brett Bulthuis on the 19th January

    The biggest challenge for me in gaining credibility is being put up against other leaders in the industry. As a photographer coming into the market out of school, its easy for agencies to overlook me based on the fact they “already have a guy”. Credibility is hard to get when some practices are set in stone.

  13. Mario Awad on the 20th January

    The biggest challenge in gaining credibility is being put up against other local providers slashing prices and providing lower quality web solutions. We had to start with a few clients at lower-than-necessary prices, establish trust, and showcase previous case-studies to solve this.

  14. Kraig on the 20th January

    I’d say the biggest challenge for me is having the time to make it happen. I work a full-time job that I cannot afford to lose or even take much time off from, and I’m also finishing up my master’s degree. Once that’s done I will have more time, but then it’s about spending the right time, and meeting the right people.

  15. Darco on the 23rd January

    The biggest challenge for my website and I believe for most on the internet, is how to prove to the client companies that you are not “just another blog or website” that today is and tomorrow maybe won’t be online. I know that this is done with hard work over longer periods of time plus with team of people that is devoted to the project, but the question is how to speed this up so that companies start working with you sooner?

  16. Haxel J. Cornelio on the 24th January

    The biggest challenge for my website is drawing traffic and keeping it simple yet informative enought so clients will book my services. I’ve also encountered issues with how to distinguish company from the rest.

  17. Ruben Berenguel on the 28th January

    What is your biggest challenge in gaining credibility for your small business practice or website?

    I’m about to start selling my services running ad campaigns online (Facebook ads, AdWords and similar, in another domain, not the currently linked as my website), aiming at low-budget companies. The main issue here is getting traction. I have done a lot of work in the area, but most of it for the same company (where I freelance most of my work), and I can use it as previous proof of work. So, getting the starting work traction is the main issue for me.



  18. Susan on the 29th January

    The biggest challenge is not only creating a great website but helping people to find it! Plus, the technical aspects of creating a website can be very time consuming…

  19. Praveen on the 1st February

    My biggest challenge is to make myself more open and aware of the problems people are facing that are making their lives more stressful. Knowing that I may be able to do research in areas that will leave a high impact on the lives of my audience, in an effective and lasting manner.

    This challenge also includes understanding the profile of the person(s) who is searching for the solution(s), and understanding what kind of solution that person is looking for.

    If I am off the mark, then the whole exercise is pointless, isn’t it?

    So, briefly I can say my challenge consists in being ‘relevant’ and ‘solution-focused’.

  20. Deb Kalikow-Pluck on the 1st February

    Plain and simple, though very key; having a marketable and well-designed, variety of my logo.

  21. Miguel on the 2nd February

    Thank you for all your answers! The winners have just been selected – stay tuned…

  22. Dimitris on the 6th February

    The biggest challenge: satisfy the customers!

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