Awesome Links #37: AppCleaner, Money or Life, Recipe Search

How to Completely Uninstall Programs on Mac with AppCleaner
It is important to “cleanly” uninstall applications whenever they are uninstalled, be it on a Windows or Mac machine. That’s because the files left over from the programs take up system space, could interfere with other programs and — consequently — hamper your productivity. This post on Guiding Tech talks about how to cleanly uninstall software on a Mac using nifty software called AppCleaner.

Your Money or Your Life
This post over at the Productivity 501 blog by Mark Shead talks about how he gave up a plush job and sacrificed higher paychecks for a life of satisfaction and happiness. I think a lot of us could take a lesson from this post, and probably change our lives for the good.

10 Tools for Training Your New Virtual Worker
It is said that delegating tasks to a virtual worker can significantly boost one’s productivity, especially if she deals with too many things in a single day. That’s a great concept — but training that worker isn’t always a pleasant exercise. This post on the Web Worker Daily blog offers 10 tools to help you train your virtual worker efficiently and effectively.

Slice and Dice Your Recipe Search Results
We’ve all got busy lives, and finding the time to cook healthy meals often falls by the wayside as a result. Google has made it that much easier to help you create healthy dishes with their announcement of a pretty cool recipe search engine. It lets you conduct accurate searches for any recipe you are looking for. Their official blog post has complete information on how you can make the best use of it. Happy eating!

30 Inherently Useful Tools for Freelancers
Finally, our sister site Freelance Switch has a huge list of useful tools for freelancers. And as you would have suspected, a lot of them are useful for just about anyone who spends time on the world wide web. Do check it out.

And if you’re looking for freelance work, FreelanceSwitch runs the only hand-moderated job board built exclusively around the unique way freelancers find work. While you’re at the site reviewing the tools mentioned above, give the job board a look.

Abhijeet Mukherjee is the editor of Guiding Tech, a blog that publishes in-depth articles and tutorials on all things tech, including mobile news and tutorials. He's been into web working since 2008 and continues to enjoy each day of it. He loves to interact with people so hit him up on Twitter.


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