5 Secrets to Save Your PPC Campaign

Most of the time, business owners put several different marketing strategies into motion. They do not rely on any one strategy in the campaign. This is good for making it more likely that a business will reach all of its market, but it is bad in that sometimes businesses must let some components go on autopilot.

A PPC campaign is one of the most likely to be put on the back burner because the automation programs that come with so many of the campaigns make it easy to let it go without tweaking it – I am guilty of this and usually catches up to you when its too late.

Sometimes though, you may realize in the middle of your PPC campaign that you aren’t getting the results that you want. Rather than scrap the entire campaign, you can work to revitalize it so that you start getting the results that you want.

1. Take Out the Negative

One of the benefits of hiring a Bay Area PPC agency is that the agency can help you see where you can improve your campaign. If you don’t have this though, then one of the first places that you need to check is your negative language.

Tabloid magazines generally follow this rule. Rather than saying that “Pop Singer Not Faithful to Wife,” tabloids say “Pop Singer Cheated on Wife.” It does not have the negative phrasing that the first one has. It’s easier to read in passing, and it conveys a stronger message. You want that ease of reading so that potential customers become actual customers when they click through.

2. Take Out the Irrelevant

Analyze your adjectives and your adverbs closely.

In PPC advertising, you only have seconds to grab potential customers’ interests and make them click through. It’s important that every word does its part.

Adverbs and adjectives can sometimes be removed by the replacement of stronger nouns and verbs. For instance, rather than saying “lose weight quickly,” you could instead say, “fat melts off” or “shed fat fast.” The verbs are doing more to convey the message. Make sure that every word is using effective and targeted nouns and verbs. Only use adverbs and adjectives if there is no other way to convey that information.

3. Check the Technicalities

According to “Revitalizing the Campaign,” one of the simplest tricks to revitalizing a PPC campaign is to make sure that all of the ad title words are capitalized. For example, using “Pay Per Click Management” instead of “Pay per click management”.

Don’t make the common mistake of using all caps. This still comes across as shouting, and it makes potential customers assume that your site is likely spammy. Similarly, using no capital letters keeps it from standing out. It also increases the time for reading.

4. Restrict the Number

A successful ad campaign is one that is always being tweaked. As such, you need to make sure that you restrict your PPC ad campaign to no more than five separate ads per group.

The reason to restrict this is that you will be better able to analyze the results and find sufficient data on each one. You want to analyze the quality score on each ad. Look for the key indicators on each one. If one is performing particularly well, look for ways that you can incorporate that strategy into your other ads.

5. Simplify Your Language

According to Trada.com, one of the most common mistakes that marketing campaigns make is to use too many broad keywords. In addition to driving up the costs, using too many words can confuse your message and the call to action.

Try to keep it as simple as possible. In this case, less is more. It will save you money, and it will allow your readers to better understand what you want them to do.

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  1. P.Lynn on the 12th August

    This was a great article, your suggestions have given me a lot to think about. Removing the irrelevant is so important because sometimes search doesn’t work well because nobody is searching for those irrelevant keywords that you used. I recently read: 7 Tips Before You Launch A PPC Campaign In A Competitive Market ( goo.gl/OPXHLH ) and found it to be very helpful. Is there anything you would add to their list?

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