Memo:Random #42 – The Finale

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N.C. Winters is always drawing. When he isn't making comics, doodling or working as a freelance graphic artist, he spends his time painting pretty pictures for galleries from his home studio in sunny southern California.


  1. Bryan Thompson on the 20th September

    As always, excellent strip, NC. I will miss Memo: Random, but I hope you will continue to draw funny things at Freelance Freedom.

  2. Su on the 21st September

    It CAN’T be over……….. !!!!

  3. Joel Falconer on the 21st September

    We’re sad to see Memo:Random go, but rest assured guys, Freelance Freedom will live on!

  4. Jasper on the 9th October

    Oh come on, this was just getting good!
    sigh… at leased you managed to end it on comic 42
    he he, hitchhikes guide.

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