Podcast 22 – The Power of Paper with Adam King

This week’s episode of the Work Awesome podcast features Adam King. Adam is a highly-respected online writer, as evidenced by his inclusion in the Read & Trust network, and last month he sparked a bit of a renewed interest for many in the power of paper-based productivity with his piece entitled “The Daily Rind”.

Show Notes

  • Adam King offers insight on why he has jumped back into using paper, and why he’s never totally left the digital realm of productivity behind, either.
  • He discusses a passion of his and his latest venture, Ethical Coffee.
  • Where (and why) he got started with his “online life”.
  • . . . and he offers his preferences when it comes to workspaces, whether music plays into his work environment, and the usual questions guests are asked to wrap up the podcast.

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  1. Al Pittampalli on the 26th June

    I can sympathize with the “permanent fog” that Adam speaks about. He’s right, we have to become smarter about how we do our work and use strategies that help us manage our energy and focus. This is a great podcast.

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